Who has better #messybunswag?

It’s official, I am obsessed with Joakim Noah and his #messybunswag. It might be one of my favorite things happening in the NBA right now, I swear the bun has its own presence on the Bulls.  I was a bit disappointed last night when I didn’t get to see Noah’s bun bouncing around the court against the Utah Jazz. As he sat on the Bulls bench, I thought to myself, you know – there is only one other person I know who has a comparable messy-bun swagger and that is my dearest sister Marisa.  See for yourself, she gives Joakim a run for his messy-bun money.

They’re like twinsies. I guess we can say she was blessed with the #messybunswag, now we just have to teach her how to dunk and she’s good to go.

So you tell me, who rocks the better messy-bun?

Slam Dunk-A-Roo

Last night was the 2012 NBA Slam Dunk contest, which in my opinion is one of the most entertaining sporting events to watch – especially during an all-you-can-drink package at your favorite local establishment.

This year’s contestants really got creative and were refreshingly less cheesy than Blake Griffin’s over-the-car dunk from last year. In the end, Utah’s Jeremy Evans took the cake.

Evans, got into the competition as a replacement for injured New York guard Iman Shumpert. Reports show he earned 29 percent of the 3 million votes cast. He beat out Houston’s Chase Budinger, Indiana’s Paul George and Minnesota’s Derrick Williams for the Jazz’s first-ever trophy in the contest.

Evans dunked with a camera on his head, slammed two basketballs as he soared over a seated assistant and rocked a Karl Malone jersey to dunk over comedian Kevin Hart (celebrity all-star MVP) dressed as a mailman.

Another one of my favorite dunks of the night was when Budinger jumped over Mr. P.Diddy. The fact that anyone can jump over another man is unreal, I can’t even jump up 6 stairs.

Jumping over men seemed to be the theme of the evening as Indiana’s Paul George also jumped over two large guys, his Pacers teammates Roy Hibbert and Dahntay Jones.

If you missed the event, you can watch the highlights below 🙂