Petty Predators: Keeping the Red Out

138970992FUN SPOILER: Don’t plan on making your annual road-trip to NashVegas this year to watch our Chicago Blackhawks dominate the Predators. Apparently, Nashville doesn’t appreciate Hawks fans invading their city/stadium during the season according to a report by Section 303. It’s too bad Chicago fans travel better than any other fans. Sorry we’re not sorry.

This entire situation can be summed up with two words, petty and pathetic. The Predators organization is openly admitting that Blackhawks fans filled Bridgestone Arena with red last season and they’re hell bent on avoiding a repeat scenario. LAME.

This upcoming season you will not be allowed to buy single game tickets for the November 16, December 17 and April 12 dates against the Blackhawks. In order to get tickets to those games, you’ll be required to purchase a second game as well. The ONLY decent thing about this situation is that the organization has implemented a plan that you can donate your second game tickets to members of the military.

“For Blackhawks games, we want to make sure that we preserve this building as much as we can for those who live in Smashville,” said Predators president and chief operating officer Sean Henry.

5178167807_25deb8101d_zSeems to me like Mr. Henry is a bit of a coward. Predators fans have the ability to buy season tickets, they have the ability to buy single game tickets and it’s really not Chicago’s fault that they’re not selling out from the get-go. Maybe they need to work on building a better fan base throughout the city instead of worrying about Chicago fans traveling down to Music City for a weekend.

The “Keeping the Red Out” campaign was launched in 2012 when the Predators were scheduled to play their arch nemesis Detroit Red Wings in the first round in the Stanley Cup playoffs. They’re now extending the campaign to Blackhawks fans as well. Sounds to me like the Predators organization are a bunch of haters.

The Predators organization has officially declared war with Chicago Blackhawks fans.

Dirty Penguins

Everyone loves a good hockey brawl, it’s one of the reasons the NHL is so entertaining. HOWEVER – the current Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers playoff series is more of a novice UFC fight. Talk about a rivalry between the state of Pennsylvania. It’s the Penguins who are playing like dirty little birds out of frustration. Hot damn this was crazy, and this fight in the first period was just the beginning.

Three players were tossed in the first period, even superstars Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux got in a scuffle. Each team had their top defenseman – Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang and Philadelphia’s Kimmo Timonen – booted to the locker room.

Talk about the “Fight to the Cup” – I think the Penguins might be taking it a little too literally. The score was overshadowed by the slugfest, but in the end the Flyers won 8-4 and lead the series 3-0. Things might get even uglier

Here We Go – Hawks Playoff Matchup Released

The Chicago Blackhawks will be heading to the desert to play their first-round of this year’s NHL playoffs against the Phoenix Coyotes. Because the Coyotes won the Pacific Division (even though the Hawks had WAY more points, more regulation and overtime wins) they get home ice advantage.

The Phoenix-Chicago matchup is missing the “story-lines” of recent first round opponents, there isn’t animosity that oozes from every Vancouver game, they don’t have one of Chicago’s past goalies tearing it up in the net like San Jose, and there isn’t any deep rooted historic rivalry that lives with the Detroit Red Wings. Perhaps the Blackhawks and Coyotes can create their owns subplot this series – everyone loves a juicy rivalry.

With Blackhawks’ Captain Jonathan Toews status still questionable, and after sitting so many games he will be a little rusty on the ice, Chicago will be looking to another star, Patrick Kane, to keep up his play. He has truly stepped up his game at the end of the regular season with the loss of Toews. Kane may not have a “C” on his jersey, but that boy can score.

Phoenix will host Games 1 and 2 Thursday and Saturday. Unfortunately, the Pacific Time zone is not in Chicago’s favor as both games have 9 p.m. central time starts (damn west coast). The Blackhawks will host Games 3 and 4 at the United Center on April 17 and April 19. Game 3 is slated for an 8 p.m. start and Game 4 for 7 p.m. Game 5 will head back in Glendale on April 21. Game 6, if necessary, is April 23 in Chicago; Game 7, if necessary, is April 25 in Glendale.

Get your Blackhawks gear ready, it’s Stanley Cup playoff time!