Evolution of End Zone Dancing and More

Before you head out and about this weekend for college football or to watch your NFL guys, check out Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake break down the End Zone dance #peeyourpantsfunny

Mr. Fallon wasn’t done after displaying his moves with JT! Real satisfaction could only come after a REAL NFL player performed one of his touchdown dances. Because end zone dancing is frowned upon in the NFL, Fallon offered to match the $10,000 fine from the league and donate it to that player’s favorite charity.

Rookie tight end Joseph Fauria took to some N’SYNC after he scored his five yard touchdown during the Lions’ 27-20 win over the Redskins on Sunday.

Fauria tweeted “you may hate me, but it ain’t no lie” after Sunday’s game. He may have only been 10 years old when “Bye Bye Bye” was released, but it looks like we have a JT fan on our hands. “We were going nuts,” Fallon said on the show. “We all saw it on Twitter and we were going crazy.”

The NFL didn’t end up fining Fauria, however Fallon stuck to his word and donated $10,000 to the charity of the rookie’s choice.



I love Jimmy Fallon and I love football 🙂

3-Peat for the Hersey Huskies

The Hersey High School Huskies are the Illinois Special Olympics Basketball Champions for the third year in a row, and man was it a fight to the final second!

First, let me introduce you to the crew. Chris Marques – a man of many names on Facebook, you may know him as: Waterbender, Cuban Missile, Clark Kent Boy, ChicagoBlackhawkpartynation, or CMarq, but he has the wing-span of a falcon. Joel Gomez is so speedy quick, he can be up the court in a flash and he’s CMarq’s right-hand man. Tim Cooley, Edmund Woodbury, Harry Fisher, and Jose Lopez are the glue that keeps this unstoppable team together.

Here’s how it all went down – The Hersey Huskies headed to Bloomington for the Illinois Special Olympics Semi-Final game to take on the Argonauts of Argo High School. The Argonauts gave the Huskies a great game, but Hersey came through with a win 57-41. It was a great team effort, Marques had 34 points (must be the D-Rose Adidas shoes), Gomez had 13, Woodbury had 8, and Fisher had a bucket as well. With the victory, the Huskies advanced to the Championship game.

The Huskies took on the Hope Bulldogs Saturday morning for the gold medal. Let me tell you, it was March Madness. The two teams were a perfect matchup of skill and strength; the game was neck and neck throughout all four quarters. After a tough battle, the Huskies pulled off a remarkable 61-60 win. The last 30 seconds were nail biting.  Hope was up 60-57 and with 13 seconds left on the clock, Marques was fouled on his layup attempt, swished both free throws and the Huskies were down by one. Hope’s inbound pass was picked off by Marques, who passed to Gomez for the game-winning bucket. The crowd went nuts! Marques finished the game with 35 points, Gomez added 24, and Lopez contributed 2.

This weekend’s tournament was a great way for graduating members Chris Marques and Joel Gomez to finish their time with the Huskies.  They will be moving on to a new league.  I can’t wait to see what great chemistry this pair will have in the North West Special Recreation Association next season!

Congratulations Hersey Huskies!!

Not DRose’s Day

Promise not to panic, but Derrick Rose was involved in a minor car accident today. The Bulls say Rose was not injured. Yes, I know what you’re all thinking, another Chicago sports superstar caught up in a fender-bender — Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews accident was just a few weeks ago. What is going on?

Illinois State Police say Rose was headed south on the Kennedy Expressway at Ogden Avenue late Tuesday afternoon when his 2011 Bentley was rear-ended by a 2002 Saturn. Police cited the driver of the Saturn, Charles Tratwein, for failing to reduce speed to avoid a crash. Well first things first, the Kennedy or otherwise known as 90, is a death trap. People commuting eat their breakfast, do their makeup, read newspapers, host conference calls, and type emails all while driving, it’s just plain dangerous.

As if having someone crash into your Bentley wasn’t bad enough, the accident occurred on the same day Rose was fined $25,000 by the NBA for criticizing the officiating. Rose mouthed off after a 104-99 win over the New York Knicks on Monday.

Tomorrow is a new day, beat the Heat!

Matt Forte Slapped with Bears Franchise Tag

The Bears will have their Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte in a Chicago uniform for the 2012 season, but he’s doing it Phil Emery’s way. Last Friday, the Bears placed their franchise tag on Forte, he now joins Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the “Franchise tag club”. This one-year agreement will pay Forte $7.7 million for this season — a $7.1 million raise from his 2011 salary.

Forte was reportedly offered a deal that guaranteed roughly $14 million, but as the first Bears running back to go to the Pro Bowl since Neal Anderson (if you don’t remember it’s because it was in 1991) most would assume he was looking for something closer to the five-year, $43 million contract with $21 million guaranteed that Carolina gave DeAngelo Williams.

“Matt is an important part of our football team and we chose to utilize the franchise tag to ensure he remains a Bear,” Bears general manager Emery said. “We believe in Matt as a player and a person. Our intention is to continue to work to find common ground and keep Matt as a member of the Chicago Bears in 2012 and beyond.”

So this move locks down Forte for a year, but does this make the Bears seem cheap? Will this decision be perceived as the organization not wanting to pay their star what he deserves? Will this prevent high profile free-agents from wanting to sign with the Bears? Chicago really needs a wide receiver. They have roughly $17.3 million in salary-cap room remaining if Forte signs the offer. The question is, how are the Bears going to use it?

Side Note — For those of you like me, you understand the majority of football, but when things like “franchise tags” get thrown around you immediately think of something like a luggage tag – here’s a little “Franchise Tag 101”.

Definition: The option given to each NFL team to lock up an important player for one year, whose contract is set to expire, without signing him to a long-term contract. Each team gets the option of one franchise tag, and the deadline to use it this season is Monday, March 5 (today).

The Bottom Line: it has everything to do with the NFL’s salary cap. Teams ultimately want to squeeze as many good players under the salary cap as possible. There are two ways to do this: sign a player to a long-term deal spreading his salary out over many years OR assign the franchise tag. Rarely do teams have enough room under the salary cap to offer every one of their good players a nice extended contract, so assigning the franchise tag guarantees the team a crucial player without having to take a long-term hit against the budget. The free-agent signing season then essentially begins at the franchise tag deadline. After franchise tags are assigned, other teams know which players are available or unavailable. This tag allows the players the opportunity to prove themselves for a longer-term deal. Common examples are players who are valuable, but might be risky to sign for the long haul– because of age, injury issues, or off-field problems. Players can sign franchise tenders from March 13 through the 10th week of the regular season and can sign multi-year extensions at any point through July 16.

The franchise tag used to be reserved for players that teams really wanted to commit to, said ESPN business analyst Andrew Brandt on ESPN Radio Friday. “It used to be for true franchise players. Now it’s every team looking at who’s their best free agent that year, and that’s why we’re going to see so many tags. It’s a huge management weapon.”

Changes:  This year because of the new CBA, you saw many more franchise tags placed around the league. “Under the previous collective bargaining agreement, the franchise tender was equal to the average salaries of the five highest paid players at the franchise player’s position. Under the new CBA, it’s a more complex formula that consists of dividing the old franchise tender figures from 2006-10 by the sum of the salary cap from 2007-11, and then multiplying the resulting percentage by the 2012 salary cap,” states chicagobears.com.

Feel free to chat up “franchise tags” with the men in your life ladies 🙂