Blackhawks Road-Trip-It with their Moms

Sharp and Seabrook

Courtesy of Blackhawks Instagram

This week the Blackhawks brought their moms along for their road trip through the sunshine state and gave the ladies who raised them a taste of life on the road as a Blackhawk. I have to admit it was absolutely adorable.

They may be professional hockey players who beat the pants off of each other on the ice, but at heart they’re all still boys with a soft spot for their mamas.

During Tuesday’s game against the Panthers (we won’t discuss how they blew a 2 goal lead in the third period and had to rely on shootout goals by Toews and Sharp) the camera would pan to the suite filled with red jerseys cheering on their boys and it was impossible not to smile. There’s nothing better than successful fully grown men who love their moms.

moms trip

The Hawks and their moms only fly in style.

cheering moms

Your mom will always be your number one fan, ESPECIALLY when you’re a Championship winning hockey stud.

Toews and Sharp moms

Hopefully Mama Toews and Mama Sharp were just catching up on how they raised two awesome Stanley Cup winning, hockey dominating, ridiculously handsome millionaires. Does it get much better?


You can catch all the moms again at the game in Tampa Bay tonight while their boys take on the Lightening at 6:30 PM on CSN Chicago.

Kaner Gets Filthy in Shootout

Patrick Kane has always been wicked with his puck handling skills, but Wednesday night against the Minnesota Wild #88 out did himself. Kane’s shootout goal is a MUST SEE, and honestly you’ll want to watch it more than once. Even Jonathan Toews said Kane’s shootout goal  was “awesome, it was sick.”

Kane skates down on Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom, he slows almost to a stop, he dekes what seems like more than a dozen times (I lost track), completely fakes out Backstrom and BAM he fires into the empty net. Blackhawks win 4-3, clinching their fifth straight win on the road. The Wild lead the NHL with 44 points. The Blackhawks, who are 7-1-1 in their last nine games, have 42.

“I was ready to bring it to my forehand or backhand, and he bit on the backhand,” Kane said.

Though it’s still very early in the season, many say this could potentially be the best shootout goal of the year. You have to see it to believe it.Take a look at Patrick Kane’s shootout goal vs. Minnesota and share your thoughts!