Forte Feelin’ Disrespected?

Chicago Bears have made yet another move to improve their roster by signing running back Michael Bush to a four year deal this morning. Who knew things at Halas Hall would be so lively? Chicagoans aren’t used to such activity!

The Bears snatched Bush from the Oakland Raiders, now securing a more than able back-up if anything serious ever happened to Pro Bowler Matt Forte. Earlier this winter, the Bears slapped Fore with a franchise tag (strike one), and this move most likely prolongs negotiations with Matt Forte on a long-term deal, some analysts stating this situation causes major flux on his total value to the franchise (strike two).

Bush’s deal is worth 14 million over the four years, with $7 of that guaranteed money. The pickup of Bush almost assures the departure of Marion Barber before or during training camp (I’m not sure the two fumbles in Denver last season were ever forgiven, falling into the trap of Tebowmania), but Chicago’s star running back is the player who has been most vocal about this deal.

A perfect example of the beauty of twitter, tell us how you really feel Forte:

Ouch. I think he means – nice guys finish last – but it’s okay buddy, we get your point. To be fair, Forte doesn’t call out the Bears or the franchise, but he did happen to retweet Greg Olsen’s “If u have a studd 3 down guy like @MattForte22 why keep paying backups big $ every yr? Crazy!! Matt deserves better” comment and then tweet this gem an hour later. Is Forte seeing a lack of respect from the Bears organization?