Biggest NBA Fashion Faux Pas

russell-westbrook-kevin-durant-lebron-james-dwyane-wade-glassesToday’s professional athletes are not only remarkably talented at their given sport, but have also become legitimate celebrities. They attend the best parties (on the off season of course) and eat at the finest restaurants, but these pros have also taken interest in their overall fashion sense and ultimately an extension of their personal “brand.”

Specifically, NBA players have snagged the spot of most “fashion forward” when it comes to professional athletes. Because the NBA playoffs are broadcast nationally, it is the time of year most eyes are on these players vying for the National Championship. The NBA playoffs have also become a time I like to refer to as “NBA Fashion Month.” This is where we get a true look at the boundaries these guys are willing to push.

Becoming a trend setter is something any fashionista strives to achieve, but sometimes these NBA fashion mavens push the envelope just a little too far. Here are some of the NBA’s biggest fashion misses.


dwyane.wade_man pris

It’s the second round of the NBA playoffs and DWade comes strolling in to take on the Heat’s rivaled Chicago Bulls. The camera is zoomed in on his upper half where he’s looking casually cool, rocking some lightly shaded sunglasses and a stylish double breasted blazer. THEN the camera zooms and out we notice that Dwayne Wade is wearing capris and we have a solid look at the man’s ankles. Rule of thumb – Man-pris are not and will never be sexy.

Westbrook manpriI had thought DWade’s man-pri mania was just a phase or perhaps he had washed a pair of dry clean only pants, but then the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook shows up on Instagram with this number. I couldn’t contain myself. He wore this outfit to an actual event he attended with his mother.

Grandpa Sweaters:

LeBron-James-searches-for-answer-on-deplorable-sweater2-594x329There must be something in the water in Miami because this palm tree-type grandpa sweater Lebron wore for a post-game press conference is rough. The fitted sweater would be fine had it been a nice solid red, instead it has a very floral print on it.

Carmelo-Anthony-2013-nba-playoffs-fashion-game-4-round-2A little farther up the east coast, the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony rocked an equally grandpa sweater for a different post-game interview with the press. He even accessorized with a grandpa hat.

Eccentric Prints:

westbrook prints

Russell Westbrook LOVES prints. He loves print polos, print button ups, print pants – you name it and Westbrook wants it to have a print on it. Most of the time they’re not prints you’d want to find anywhere other than a shower curtain.

dwade floral printDWade strikes again and this time it looks like he’s wearing some type of curtain he found in a Cuban abuela’s house down in Miami. Aye dios mio.


Harden PleatherPleather may have made it’s way onto the runways this past spring season, but that doesn’t mean we want to see it on professional athletes. James Harden played like a monster in Houston last  season however the brown leather patches don’t work with the black frames and black beard. 

Justin BieberHonorable mention to “NBA Fan” Justin Bieber and his pleather shirt he wore on the sidelines of the playoffs this season – YIKES.

The Murse:

murseA man purse – more commonly known as a “murse” is not an easy accessory to pull off. Purses are highly feminine, but sometimes men have things they need to bring with them that won’t fit in their tightly fitted pants pockets. Unfortunately, Dwyane Wade’s red murse does not make the cut of acceptable man bags.

lebron-man-purseAs teammates on a championship basketball team, it’s only proper if King James also sports a murse when heading to the locker room before games. I don’t know if it’s because these guys are extra huge, but carrying a tiny little purse seems extra hysterical. I would invest in a designer gym-bag guys.

The Way to a Woman’s Heart:

GQ has the right idea for these extremely fit physiques – stick to the suits boys. There is nothing a woman loves more than a man in a fitted suit (the pocket squares don’t hurt either).


Bulls vs Heat Game 2 Semifinals Cheat Sheet 5.8.13

The short-handed Bulls extinguished the Heat and their raging egos on Monday night with their 93-86 Game 1 win, obliterating any ideas of a four-game “Miami Sweep” in the second round. Our favorite South Beach divas were caught off guard and we can’t imagine they were too thrilled about their unexpected loss to their conference foes who were missing three of their starters.

Chicago’s work in the series opener was nothing short of astonishing, but the Heat will be out for blood to defend their reputation as champs in front of their home crowd in Game 2. We can expect bigger and stronger plays from King James and his faithful minions after losing to our fearless Bulls squad. Can Nate Robinson and Joakim Noah lead the Bulls to another emotional win over the Heat?

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After a two week series with the Brooklyn Nets, a battered roster, and countless injuries, many expected the Bulls to be too tired to get past the Heat’s “big three” in Monday night’s series opener in Miami.  But the Bulls stunned us all and continued their incredi-BULL post season run with a 93-86 Game 1 road win against the reigning NBA Champs.

The Roseless, Kirkless, Dengless Chicago Bulls defied the odds and pulled off a huge upset in South Beach Monday night in front of the White Out crowd proving once again just how tough they can play the Heat. Like Coach Thibs always says, as long as the Bulls have five guys on the court, “they have enough to win.”

If you had anticipated a Miami sweep in this Eastern Conference Semifinal series, you can put down your hater-ade and buckle up because the Bulls aren’t going anywhere without a fight.

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Eastern Conference Semifinals Preview: Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat | SportsDivas Inc.

The battered Bulls defied the odds yet again this weekend when they knocked out the Brooklyn Nets in Game 7 despite their seriously injured lineup. With just one day of rest after a grueling seven game opening series, our men in red are moving right along to the second round of the playoffs where they will matchup against their Eastern Conference foes – the big, bad Miami Heat.

The fifth seeded Chicago Bulls are yet again the underdogs as they are taking their talents to South Beach on Monday to begin their series with the top seeded and defending Champion Miami Heat.

Miami, who spanked the Milwaukee Bucks in four games and has been resting for a week, are the obvious series favorites as BronBron just snagged another MVP title, they had the best record in the NBA during the regular season and they’re stacked with athletic talent.

The depleted Bulls are still without their franchise stud Derrick Rose, key players such as Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng have been plagued with injury and illness and they just played an extremely physical seven-game series with the Nets. But don’t rule the Bulls out completely, it’s the NBA playoffs and anything can happen.

Bulls fans know better than anyone that their team can rise to the occasion no matter the situation and play with heart, hustle and as much muscle as they have. Head Coach Tom Thibodeau always says, “we have enough to win.” If there’s one team who’s not afraid to play Lebron and company, it’s the Chicago Bulls.

Get ready for some intense basketball and some seriously entertaining post game fashion (yes, that’s a palm tree sweater) as the Miami Heat will deliver both throughout this second round series. Let the emotional roller-coaster that has been the Bulls 2013 post-season continue.

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The United Center was rocking on Thursday night as the Bulls defeated the Brooklyn Nets 79-76 to gain a 2-1 series lead. Defense was on high speed and Chicago snatched the game 3 win, but it was by no means a pretty sight.Los Bulls started things off by digging themselves into a 15 point deficit, came back and took a comfortable lead, and then during a sloppy fourth quarter, let things get way too close for comfort. Let’s just say there’s definitely room for improvement for our Chicago Bulls. If you missed the emotional roller-coaster keep reading for key details from game 3.

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First Round Playoff Preview: Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets

If watching the Bulls has taken a back seat to other reality TV viewing this season, it’s time for you to jump back on the Bulls bandwagon.The NBA playoffs have finally arrived and the next month and a half of exciting playoff action is the ideal time to really tune in and pay attention.

It’s been a love-hate relationship for most of us Bulls fans this season, but the time has come to put the regular season behind us, strap on our best Bulls gear and BULLieve in our city’s team.

Despite the constant disappointing hype surrounding Derrick Rose’s return and the additional injuries to other starters, the men in red nabbed the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference and are heading to Brooklyn to get the post season started against the Nets this Saturday.

Brooklyn has home-court advantage in the first series, being the fourth seed, however the match-up is not unfavorable for the Bulls. Chicago took 3 of the 4 games against the Nets in the regular season – one coming just a few weeks ago while the Bulls were missing half their roster. This series will be a true test of the offensively powerful Nets and the defensively feisty Bulls.Can the “heart, hustle and muscle” pull off a first round win against the new-era Nets? Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau told ESPN he “likes his chances,” with the guys who have played all year. Let’s find out.

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The NBA Playoffs Are Bringing Out All the NBA Divas

What’s been more captivating during the 2012 NBA playoffs: the fashion on display during press conferences or the actual play on the court? At this point, the answer may be a tough one! The NBA hotshots are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to pushing the limits and taking some serious fashion risks. I do appreciate a man with confidence in his fashion sense, but it may be time to call the fashion police on some of these gentlemen.

Westbrook (left) and Durant (right) show off their swagger in Game 5

The biggest fashion statements have been made in the Western Conference by two of the OKC Thunder’s star players. Who are the two fashion divas you ask? Point guard Russell Westbrook and All-Star forward Kevin Durant. These two have gotten real sassy for the cameras off the court. Durant has been a fashion forward athlete throughout his career and his beige-and-black stripes are fine and dandy, but Westbrook looks like he may have gotten caught in a kaleidoscope.

Westbrook’s Teddy-rific Ensemble

The talented and often criticized point gaurd has been on another fashion level this post season and his game-day outfits have become the talk of the NBA playoffs. I think the collared shirt above was taken out of the Berenstain Bears collection circa 1990. Not too sure the teddy bear button-up would be perceived as intimidating by his competitors? Below are some more outrageous patterns Westbrook has donned in front of the press: fishing bait, graffiti and technicolor scary .


Westbrook’s flare has been rubbing off on the younger fans too. Kendrick Perkins Jr. has been dressing like Russell Westbrook during the OKC Thunder games.

Durant and Westbrook have kept people buzzing in the West, but the East has its own fashion enthusiasts. The Miami Heat’s “dynamic duo” Lebron James and Dwyane Wade always dress to impress. The Celtic’s point guard Rajon Rondo, who has been an animal in the Eastern Conference finals, has been taking some crazy fashion leaps as well – sometimes he hits his mark and sometimes he’s way off (see photo at the top of the post…YIKES).

If you’ve found yourself watching the NBA conference finals with the men in your life even though the Bulls are long gone, at least the pre and post game fashions can keep you entertained. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the NBA finals.