Confessions of the NBA MVP: Kevin Durant Plays ‘NBA 2K’ as Lebron James

Kevin Durant, the reigning NBA MVP, made a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, KD shared two important facts with his many fans.

First, he’s an avid ‘NBA 2k’ player – 15 years of practice should do that for you. You need someone to join your ‘NBA 2k’ tournament, I think KD would expect an invitation.

Second, he doesn’t play as himself in the game, that would be “too arrogant.” So who does the NBA superstar choose to be in the video game (mind you, the OKC stud is on the cover of the 2015 edition)…the one and only Lebron James – a player Durant has been chasing his entire career.

I think he just likes Bron Bron’s sweatband 🙂

Top 10 NBA Players Dispute for 2013-2014


Sports Illustrated recently released their list of Top 100 NBA Players for 2014 and I have to admit there have been some rocky reviews.

The most public of criticisms came from OKC’s Kevin Durant who came in at #2 in the rankings. During a recent interview KD was asked who he thought was missing from his top 10 players. Durant’s response was James Harden. He was then asked who should be moved so Harden could enter the top 10 and KD said Dwyane Wade. Wade had come in at No. 8 on the list and Harden at 11.

And the social media throwdown began. Wade came back with this photo of his personal “reminder” for Durant to make him respect his legacy.

Dwyane Wade Instagram

What exactly defines a top player in the NBA? Obviously stats are taken into consideration. Who has the highest shooting percentages? Who scores the most points, has the most assists, the most rebounds? Who plays the most minutes? Who has the best defense? But to be the BEST in a league of stars it’s more than just statistics. In my mind it’s the guy who single handily takes his team to the next level by being on the court. He’s THE guy who needs a strong supporting cast to win championships, but leads the way to greatness. He’s not only explosive on offense, but can shut you down on defense during the next possession.

Here are SI’s top 10 players:

top 10

In all honesty I agree with KD, DWade is not a top 10 player in 2014 – there’s no way. The guy’s knees are in BAD shape. He didn’t blow and ACL or an Achilles, but his knees are not what they used to be. Also, last time I checked Wade barely played during the conference finals as well as the nba finals and the Heat won their second consecutive championship title just fine.

Where’s Chicago’s main man Derrick Rose? He’s been off the court for a year and coming off an ACL injury, but reports state he’s stronger than ever. Is Russell Westbrook, who also blew his ACL last season, a better point guard than Derrick Rose? Hell no. Also, last time I checked Rose won himself a nice MVP title just a few short years ago something KD, Chris Paul and Westbrook have yet to achieve.

What about Kobe Bryant. He’s 35 and coming off of an achilles injury. Reports are glowing with the miraculous rehab Kobe’s had, but he’s still past his prime. I know better than to doubt Kobe, but I don’t think I’d put him before Derrick Rose at this very moment in time.

Dwight Howard is another ranking I disagree with. Last time I checked the guy had a healthy Kobe Bryant next to him all last season and didn’t do squat. He got shut DOWN by Nazr Mohammed when the Lakers played the Bulls. I’m not trash talking my man Nazi, but he’s not a candidate for defensive player of the year.

AGE FACTOR: Tim Duncan may have stoically made it into the NBA finals last season, but he will be another year older this season. Will Tim Duncan be a better player than James Harden and Derrick Rose. Nope, no way.

If I had to rank, here’s my top 10:

  1. Lebron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Carmelo Anthony
  5. Derrick Rose
  6. James Harden
  7. Tony Parker
  8. Kobe Bryant
  9. Tim Duncan
  10. Dwight Howard

The farther you scroll through the list the more questions you have. Check out the full list here:

Who’s your top 10?

What a Guy: Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Red Cross Tornado Relief


I have been in love with Kevin Durant on the basketball court since his debut, I fell more in love with KD after the hilarious Sprint NBA commercial, but today America fell head over heels in love with Kevin Durant the person.

After devastating tornadoes swept through the streets of Oklahoma City stripping people of their homes a beacon of hope emerged with the generosity of one very popular OKC Thunder player. CBS Sports’ Royce Young broke the news that Kevin Durant has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to support the Oklahoma City Tornado Relief fund.

Even for a superstar NBA player, a million dollars is a really large sum of money. Durant earned approximately $17.5 million playing for OKC this past season – endorsements not included. So that means KD just donated about 5% of his salary to support the city that cheers him on throughout his season. The Oklahoma City Thunder organization then chimed in and matched Durant’s donation in support of relief as well.

Unlike other superstars, Mr. Durant didn’t take to twitter publicizing his donation. Rather, the Red Cross was the one to announce his generous donation while KD was urging others to donate to support the fund.

KD Tweet

I don’t think it gets much better than Kevin Durant ladies and gentlemen. Today he showed the world that he is not only an outstanding professional basketball player, but also an outstanding human being.

Durant,Thunder Pull Off Late 97-91 Victory at the UC | SportsDivas Inc.

Things got real on a national stage during Thursday night’s showdown between the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder. For 48 minutes the Bulls gave the Thunder a competitive game, but in the end OKC’s 97-91 victory came down to their endurance and reliable closers. Let’s just say Kevin Durant was Mr. Clutch.

Despite a loss, the Bulls proved they could hang with the big dogs of the NBA even while Derrick Rose rehabs his knee. However, they need to determine which player will become their “go to man” in do or die situations. It was a high intensity game, but niether team executed a flawless performance as there were a combined 43 turnovers committed – can we clean up the sloppy mess, por favor? Get your Bulls-Thunder highlights on SportsDivas Inc!

Durant,Thunder Pull Off Late 97-91 Victory at the UC | SportsDivas Inc..

Bulls Squeak Out Preseason Win Against Shorthanded Thunder

The Bulls pulled off their most impressive preseason win at home on Tuesday night defeating the agressive and talented Oklahoma City Thunder 94-89. Chicago’s starters looked damn good racking up some positive stats for the evening, but despite the win it wasn’t a true test because OKC’s All-Star (and fashion forward) duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook sat this one out. Although they were missing their super-stars on the court, the Thunder – reigning NBA Western Conference Champs – played with regular season intensity making the Bulls work for it.

Check out my post on SportsDivas Inc!

Bulls Squeak Out Preseason Win Against Shorthanded Thunder | SportsDivas Inc..

USA Basketball Roster Announced: Is it the Next Dream Team?

USA! USA! Get ready to get your Olympian on friends. The 2012 London Olympics are sneaking up on us and it’s right around the corner. The U.S. Olympic basketball team announced it’s final roster Saturday and boy is it jam-packed with superstars. Will we see a repeat gold medal performance like the 2008 games in Beijing?

Drumroll please…here is your 2012 Team USA Basketball roster: Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks); Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers); Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks);Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers); James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers); LeBron James (Miami Heat); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves); Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers); Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder); and Deron Williams (Brooklyn Nets).

There is some serious talent on this Olympic team (as would be expected). Ten of the players were NBA All-Stars and six have appeared at least once in the NBA Finals. They have the reigning NBA MVP (James), Defensive Player of the Year (Chandler) and Sixth Man of the Year (Harden). Anthony, Bryant, James, Paul and Williams are the Olympic veterans on the team.

If you’re a basketball lover, you might have noticed some missing NBA All-Stars. Derrick Rose (ACL), Dwight Howard (back), Dwyane Wade (knee) and Chris Bosh (abdomen) all would have most likely made the cut, but they’re all “rehabilitating” their injuries. Rose and Howard actually had surgeries to rehabilitate. Then there are my favorite Miami Heat players; Wade should suck it up because he might be too old after 4 more years to top the list of “elitest” players in the NBA and Bosh – I just don’t think they let dinosaurs in the Olympics.

Team USA will be coached by Duke University Hall of Fame mentor Mike Krzyzewski, who led the USA Basketball Men’s National Team to gold medal finishes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Assisting Krzyzewski is Syracuse University and Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim, and former NBA head coaches Mike D’Antoni and Nate McMillan.

There are some other familiar faces heading to London, but not representing the U.S. The list includes: Luol Deng, who will be playing for Great Britain, Marc Gasol, Paul Gasol and Serge Ibaka will all be playing for Team Spain.

Lucky for Bron Bron, he still gets to be “White Hot” in the new Nike Team USA uniforms. Bring home the gold medal gentlemen!