Sarah Harbaugh and Dockers Man the Fight Against Dad Pants

This commercial addresses a very serious concern for all women who have known a man who own a pair of “Dad Pants.” This issue circles back to a post I wrote back in January about 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh and his choice of Khaki pants. Please join Sarah and Dockers to #stopdadpants. It’s an epidemic that needs to end.

my nightmare

                       My nightmare

Sarah Harbaugh Speaks Up About Her Hubby’s Khaki Pants


ATTENTION ALL MEN: No woman will ever think your Khaki pants are sexy. Ever.

I’ve never understood the male gender’s obsession with the khaki pant or short. It’s like they provide some sort of comfort shield for men; a guy thinks he can conquer the free world in some fugly khaki pants.

S Harbough

Sarah’s reaction to the Khakis

Recently, 49er’s coach Jim Harbaugh’s khaki pants have become a hot topic of discussion. Sarah Harbaugh, Jim’s loving wife, called into CBS San Francisco’s 99.7 show Fernando and Greg in the Morning to clear the air about the “Khaki Katastrophe” after the hosts had been chatting about Harbaugh’s sideline attire. She stated, “I will not take the blame for his outfits.” This is totally understandable coming from a stylish NFL wag.

“I’ve thrown them away many of times. I’ve asked him ‘Please, pleats are gone. Wear the flat front,’” but somehow they always manage to make their way back into the drawer. Being the good wife she is, she understands that at this point she can’t recreate his image, it’s his staple as a head coach (like Bill Belichick’s hoodies with the sleeves cut off). She would like to upgrade him to the flat front khaki. It’s an extremely decent compromise!

If you’d like to replicate Harbaugh’s super flattering pants it can only be done at one place, WALMART. Sarah said on the air, “It’s not just any store; you have to find them at a Walmart. I threw them out and when he went to the combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!”

I guess it could be worse, he could wear khaki cargo shorts.