Try to Top This Chicago Bulls Home Opener

It Doesn’t Get Much Better than a Bulls Home Opener. It was not the most impressive technical game of basketball, but the Bulls home opener ended in an 82-81 Chicago win and was an insane fan experience. Here’s my laundry list of why it was awesome:

The Bulls intro is bar none the best in the league. To top it off on THIS night, it was Derrick Rose’s official return to the NBA. All the announcer had to say was, “FROM MEMPHIS…” and then everyone in the UC lost their minds.

Then we ran into so many people from the exceptional community of Elk Grove:

EG at UC

These Victorian Gentlemen were court-side cheering on their Bulls entertaining us the entire game. 


Mr. Clutch is Back! Tyson Chandler missed one of his free throws, the Bulls called a time out, Derrick Rose got the ball with 10 seconds left and BOOM floater sunk (pretty positive he didn’t even see the rim). The CROWD WENT WILD.

DRose Clutch

Then Noah got on the microphone and said “I missed this sh*t. I MISSED this sh*t. Woo, I love it,” and it just sealed the entire fan experience.

Oh, and then my best friends and I had a photo shoot on the Bull.


And one with Manny of course…


Happiest of Halloweens for this Bulls fan!

Baby Ditka Tops the Charts

Here is my Halloween gift to you Bears fans: the Da’ Mini Coach.

If you’re struggling to find something for your little guy to dress-up as, I highly recommend the Mini-Mike Ditka costume. This baby Ditka may be the cutest thing this Bears fans has ever seen. The mini-mustache is perfection!


Happy Halloween!