#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave Takes over Twitter

tim howardTim Howard is the MAN. The USMNT men’s soccer team may have been eliminated from the World Cup round of 16 yesterday with a 2-1 loss, but Howard became an American Hero after his amazing performance stopping 16 goals.

Basically, Tim Howard proved he could save just about anything and everything that came his way- therefore Mr. Howard could have been a historic savior. USA fans took to twitter and created overwhelmingly hilarious memes of situations Tim Howard could have prevented.

Here’s a collection of my favorite #thingstimhowardcouldsave memes, but I suggest checking out the entire twitter handle.

He could have changed my childhood and prevented a tragic Mufasa death by stampede

Tim howard MufasaHe could have changed the entire Game of Thrones saga by saving Ned Stark from a beheading. There would have been no Red Wedding with Papa Stark around.

tim howard ned stark


He could have literally saved the dinosaurs from extinction, big fiery comet – no problem for Howard.

tim howard dinosaurs


That iceberg would have been no match for Tim Howard. The Titanic would have had a successful journey on his watch.

tim howard titanic


There would have been no slipping and falling on the ice for Bambi with Howard blocking for him.tim howard bambiHe’d make sure Miley never fell off her wrecking ball…she needs all the help she can get.tim howard Miley


He could have saved Kanye from saying hateful things about Taylor Swift on a national broadcast. He hasn’t fully recovered from his ignorance.Tim howard Kanye


The world would have never been taken over by a Matrix in the first place with Howard protecting it.tim howard matrix

Basically, Tim Howard played the game of his career and is an awesome dude.

tim howard tweet