Try to Top This Chicago Bulls Home Opener

It Doesn’t Get Much Better than a Bulls Home Opener. It was not the most impressive technical game of basketball, but the Bulls home opener ended in an 82-81 Chicago win and was an insane fan experience. Here’s my laundry list of why it was awesome:

The Bulls intro is bar none the best in the league. To top it off on THIS night, it was Derrick Rose’s official return to the NBA. All the announcer had to say was, “FROM MEMPHIS…” and then everyone in the UC lost their minds.

Then we ran into so many people from the exceptional community of Elk Grove:

EG at UC

These Victorian Gentlemen were court-side cheering on their Bulls entertaining us the entire game. 


Mr. Clutch is Back! Tyson Chandler missed one of his free throws, the Bulls called a time out, Derrick Rose got the ball with 10 seconds left and BOOM floater sunk (pretty positive he didn’t even see the rim). The CROWD WENT WILD.

DRose Clutch

Then Noah got on the microphone and said “I missed this sh*t. I MISSED this sh*t. Woo, I love it,” and it just sealed the entire fan experience.

Oh, and then my best friends and I had a photo shoot on the Bull.


And one with Manny of course…


Happiest of Halloweens for this Bulls fan!

Cheat Sheet: Bulls Open 2013 Season Against Champion Miami Heat | SportsDivas Inc.

Banners will be raised, rings will be handed out and the Chicago Bulls hope to dent the egos of the two-time defending Champion Miami Heat on Tuesday night. The Bulls are hungry to prove themselves this year and what better way to get things going than to take on King James and company in South Beach in the first game of the season?

The rivalry between these Eastern Conference foes continues to grow each year and the Bulls have become more eager to put a stop on the Heat’s dominance within the East. The Heat’s confidence will be on high after receiving their lavish Championship display, the intensity of American Airlines Arena will heighten filled with ecstatic Heat fans, but the Bulls players feel they have the talent to beat the Heat.

What You Need to Know:

Reigning MVP Lebron James made it clear, these two teams do not like one another (last year’s brawls during the semi-finals of the NBA Playoffs can prove that). Expect a big game out of King James who’s looking to maintain his “Top NBA Player” status. James’ supporting cast is still in tact with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, and Udonis Haslem returning this season.

Derrick Rose will play in his first regular season game in over a year. Our excitement to see the star take the court in an official game can barely be contained. Rose sat on the sidelines while his team battled Miami in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs last season. He’s ready to take his game to the next level and get this 82 game season started with a win.

Jimmy Butler came up big in the games against Miami with his tough defense and crazy offense. Why not start the 2013 season with a standout performance against the Heat?

Joakim Noah is questionable for the opening game with a groin injury. This puts the Bulls in a tough spot since Noah is so dominant under the basket and can provide a boost on offense as well. The Bulls have done it before when Noah was sidelined with plantar fasciitis – we’d just prefer our All-Star always be on the court.

The Bulls and Heat split the 2012-2013 season 2-2. No matter who’s healthy and on the floor, the Bulls always give the Heat a tough game. Defense will play a huge factor in the Bulls’ success. Keeping James under control is always your best bet when playing the Heat. The Heat have not forgotten that it was the Bulls who ended their 27-game winning streak last season. They will be looking for redemption tonight and this season.

murseMan-pri & Murse: If nothing else, you can expect some crazy post-game press conference ensembles from the fashionistas of Miami otherwise known as Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Man-pris and murses galore!

Your Take Away Piece:

“Things may get ugly with all the hype of the ring ceremony and the historic intensity between these two teams. The Bulls and Heat are two of the most competitive teams in the league and they just happen to be each other’s biggest rivals. Hopefully the brawls from last season will be contained and a clean game of basketball will be played. It’s a new year – clean slate right?”

What’s Next:

Be sure to tune in at 7 PM on TNT to catch the conference battle between the Bulls and Heat. You may want to tune in a bit late to miss the ring ceremony theatrics for the diva-licious Heat. It might be the first game of the season, but expect both teams to pull out all the stops in this rivaled match-up.

Check out my whole post via Cheat Sheet: Bulls Open 2013 Season Against Champion Miami Heat | SportsDivas Inc..

Your 2013 Chicago Bulls: Must Know Players and Positions

With the reemergence of our main-man Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls are once again considered a top threat in the Eastern Conference and NBA Championship title contenders. After getting down and dirty with an 8-0 preseason record, we can tell our Bulls are hungrier than ever.

Over the past three years the Bulls have established themselves as an elite NBA team coached by Tom Thibodeau. After last season, the Bulls have also proven that no matter who is on the court, Thibs will find a way to make them competitors. With Rose’s explosiveness leading the pack, this Bulls team has lofty expectations.

The countdown for the 2013 NBA season is less than 24 hours away and that means it’s time for your Chicago Bulls-Brush-Up. Know who’s rocking the red, black and white jerseys for the Bulls this season. Check out the Starters, supporting cast and coach info via Your 2013 Chicago Bulls: Must Know Players and Positions | SportsDivas Inc..

Bulls 2013-14 Season Preview: Lets Get Ready to Rumble

The Bulls are back in business! After going a very impressive 8-0 in the preseason, it’s clear that the Chicago Bulls are dedicated, determined and looking rather fierce for their 2013 debut. Superstar point guard Derrick Rose has returned after a rough year-long hiatus and so have the Chicago Bulls’ title hopes.

Last year was a tough time for Bulls fans, as we eagerly awaited the non-existent return of our MVP, but it’s time to put all grudges aside because DRose is ready to show us he was worth the wait.

The ultimate goal remains the same: knock Lebron James and the Miami Heat from their Eastern Conference throne and get Chicago to their first NBA Championship in over a decade. Can greatness be achieved with the return of Derrick Rose and a stifling defensive mindset under the guidance of head coach Tom Thibodeau? Only time will tell, but if the preseason was any indication of what is to come, things look good for the Chicago Bulls in the upcoming season. Let’s dig deeper into the Bulls 2013 season and Chicago title contention hopes.

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Joakim Noah is an Adidas Dude


It’s official ladies and gentlemen, Joakim Noah is no longer a free agent – on the shoe market that is. The infamous messy-bun-swagger will be rocking new kicks on the court this season.

Adidas sent out a press release confirming their new deal with the Bulls All-Star center this week. Hopefully, Adidas’ technology can improve Noah’s overall foot health. His high profile case of plantar fasciitis last season kept him off the court for too many minutes during too many meaningful games.

rose_noah_091026It wasn’t necessarily Adidas’ technology that persuaded the big man to lean their way, but rather his passion for improving the community’s youth through his Noah’s Arc Foundation. He felt that Adidas was the way to go to make the biggest impact overall. Partnering with Derrick Rose, who has a global profile, won’t hurt the cause either.

Noah officially ended his shoe deal with French sportswear manufacturer Le Coq Sportif this off season. Some criticized Le Coq Sportif during the plantar fasciitis catastrophe because the French company didn’t have experience developing shoes for professional basketball athletes.

Noah is the seventh player on the Bulls to sign with Adidas – Rose, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Marquis Teague and rookies Tony Snell and Erik Murphy are all partnered with the brand as well.

DRose Gets His Duck Dynasty On

DRose duck dynastyHappy Birthday little Sully monster, I mean P.J. Rose!

Papa Rose threw his little guy a costume party to celebrate his first birthday. Apparently, Rose doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting his dress-up on.

The Chicago Bulls’ point guard dressed up as Willie Robertson from A&E’s reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. The costume included a full beard (James Harden worthy), vest and patriotic stars and stripes bandanna.

P.J. rocked a head-to-toe Sully costume from Disney’s Monster’s Inc. movies – obviously there was a matching cake to go with.

PJ's Costume party

Looks like it was a fun filled family event!

Photo credit to Beyond the Buzzer.