Eastern Conference Finals Preview: Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers

If you stopped watching the NBA Playoffs when our depleted Bulls were bounced last week in round two, you may want to consider tuning back in starting tonight as the Eastern Conference Finals are about to get underway.

The post season is far from over as four teams remain (down from the original 16) and are looking to advance to the NBA Finals, the final round of the NBA Playoffs. In the Western Conference, the favored San Antonio Spurs are facing off against the underdog Memphis Grizzlies and already have a 2-0 lead in the series.

In the Eastern Conference, for the second year in a row the top seeded Miami Heat find themselves going head-to-head with the third seeded Indiana Pacers. That’s right, two of the Bulls biggest rivals will face-off to claim their throne as the biggest beasts of the East and continue their quest to an NBA title.

Let’s take a closer look at this interesting Eastern Conference matchup that is sure to keep Bulls fans tuning in just a little longer.

On one end of the court you’ll find the Pacers who have the league’s best defense led by big nasty Roy Hibbert and on the opposite side you have the defending Champion Miami Heat with the hottest commanding offense in the NBA led by four-time MVP Lebron James. Will the Pacers tough antics rattle Miami’s nearly perfect offense? We will soon find out. Here’s the need to know information for round 3.

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Eastern Conference Semifinals Preview: Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat | SportsDivas Inc.

The battered Bulls defied the odds yet again this weekend when they knocked out the Brooklyn Nets in Game 7 despite their seriously injured lineup. With just one day of rest after a grueling seven game opening series, our men in red are moving right along to the second round of the playoffs where they will matchup against their Eastern Conference foes – the big, bad Miami Heat.

The fifth seeded Chicago Bulls are yet again the underdogs as they are taking their talents to South Beach on Monday to begin their series with the top seeded and defending Champion Miami Heat.

Miami, who spanked the Milwaukee Bucks in four games and has been resting for a week, are the obvious series favorites as BronBron just snagged another MVP title, they had the best record in the NBA during the regular season and they’re stacked with athletic talent.

The depleted Bulls are still without their franchise stud Derrick Rose, key players such as Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng have been plagued with injury and illness and they just played an extremely physical seven-game series with the Nets. But don’t rule the Bulls out completely, it’s the NBA playoffs and anything can happen.

Bulls fans know better than anyone that their team can rise to the occasion no matter the situation and play with heart, hustle and as much muscle as they have. Head Coach Tom Thibodeau always says, “we have enough to win.” If there’s one team who’s not afraid to play Lebron and company, it’s the Chicago Bulls.

Get ready for some intense basketball and some seriously entertaining post game fashion (yes, that’s a palm tree sweater) as the Miami Heat will deliver both throughout this second round series. Let the emotional roller-coaster that has been the Bulls 2013 post-season continue.

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NBA says “No Flopping Allowed”

ESPN has reported that the NBA is trying to stop the floppers. League Commissioner David Stern has had enough with players deceiving the officials by flopping like weak little fish and has been seeking a way to properly penalize the “phony” aspiring actors of the NBA.

The new procedures will likely involve a review after the game is played by the league office, rather than an official calling an infraction during the game, NBA spokesperson Tim Frank said. Players likely would be fined if the league determined they flopped. $$$

“If you continue to do this, you may you have to suffer some consequences,” Stern said about flopping during the NBA Finals. “What those exactly should be and what the progression is, is to be decided, because … we just want to put a stake in the ground that says this is not something that we want to be part of our game, without coming down with a sledgehammer but just doing it in a minimalist way to begin stamping it out. And I think there are ways we can do that and we’ll have to wait and see exactly what we come up with.”

Uh oh? What is Chris Bosh, or better yet the entire Miami Heat team going to do once this new procedure is implemented (yea Bron Bron you’re just as bad)? Bring on the fines Stern!

Top Reasons to Tune into the NBA Finals

After months of playoff games, only the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder have survived to compete in the final battle to claim the 2012 NBA Championship title. Heat versus Thunder is very atmospheric. If you’re a diehard Chicago fan, the Thunder and Heat facing-off in the finals may not tickle your fancy, but here are some reasons to tune in:

The OKC Thunder and Miami Heat are one sexy matchup. Easily two of the most athletic teams in the NBA, this series will be an amazing display of basketball. The beasts of the East – Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – are taking on the best of the West – Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. The Heat are looking for redemption after blowing it in the finals last year to the Dallas Mavericks and the Thunder are young and eager to get their hands on the Championship trophy.

The “King” Lebron James. We love to hate “Bron Bron”, but he is the reigning MVP for a reason – he’s got game ladies, on the basketball court of course. Even if he makes your blood boil, it’s worth tuning in to cheer on the Thunder and keep King James from getting his paws on a Championship ring.

Kevin Durant’s Seamless Swagger. Durant is playing for his first NBA title at age 23 and just makes the game look so easy. If you’ve ever heard anything about fantasy basketball, you know Durant is a hot commodity because he is the top scorer in the NBA. The Durant-James matchup is perfection in the eyes of any basketball fan. Let the best player win.

The Bearded Warrior. James Harden has quite possibly the most impressive beard the NBA has ever seen. It doesn’t hurt that this sweet-shooting lefty can score some serious points from downtown or take it straight to the hoop. The Miami Heat should fear the beard because Harden could easily be the difference maker in this star studded matchup.

Fashion Forward Showdown. The duo of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade push the fashion limits in the East, but Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are demonstrating their fashion swagger in the West. Prepare yourself for some crazy fake-frames, some outrageously bright colors, and possibly something better than a Teddy Bear button up from Westbrook. If nothing else, you could be thoroughly entertained by the pre and post game ensembles.

What else is on TV? Other than the bachelorette on Monday nights, the summer TV lineup is a little lame, so why not watch some insanely ripped men run around the basketball court? If you’re a sports junkie, it’s still the best option since the LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup, baseball is too early to invest in just yet and football doesn’t start for a few more months.

What’s next: The madness deemed the NBA finals! Check out the schedule below, this isn’t basketball you’ll want to miss!

2012 NBA Finals Series Schedule (courtesy of NBA.com):

Game 1 – In OKC – Tuesday, June 12, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

Game 2 – In OKC -Thursday, June 14, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

Game 3 – In Miami – Sunday, June 17, 7:00 PM CT, ABC

Game 4 – In Miami – Tuesday, June 19, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

*Game 5 – In Miami – Thursday, June 21, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

*Game 6 – In OKC – Sunday, June 24, 7:00 PM CT, ABC

*Game 7 – In OKC – Tuesday, June 26, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

*if necessary

Genealogy of Chris Bosh

If you take a little Snoop Dogg:

And mix it with a touch of Velociraptor:

You get Miami Heat’s power forward Chris Bosh:

Tonight the Bulls host the Miami Heat at home. This will be the third time these Eastern Conference powerhouses meet this season, and we’re all squared up (Maimi won at home and the Bulls won at home), it’s a best of three situation tonight. We all expect big performances out of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, but in Bulls-Heat match-ups one of the most essential players has been Chris Bosh. Containing Bosh is a key element in tonight’s game for the Bulls. In January Bosh had 24 points in the Miami win, but in March when the Bulls won, Bosh had a quiet game with only 12 points. We’re counting on you Carlos Boozer – shut down the Snoop Dogg-Velociraptor – please and thank you.

I really need to invest in one of those “Beat the Heat” t-shirts.

Big Three? Child, Please…

I don’t mean to live in the past, but this picture is awesome 🙂

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher (now on the OKC Thunder) of the LA Lakers have nothing on the real big three. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman (we’re going to ignore his current status for the purposes of this article) circa the 1990s Chicago Bulls dynasty will forever resonate in my mind as the best trio in the NBA.