The Award for Most Handsome NBA Coach Goes to…



Brad Stevens. I know what you’re thinking – Brad Stevens is the men’s basketball coach at Butler silly girl. Not any more.

As of Friday the Boston Celtics have hired 36-year-old handsome Brad Stevens to replace Doc Rivers (who headed off to LA to man the Clippers) as the Head Coach of their legendary basketball franchise. Stevens has some BIG shoes to fill, but I’m more than happy to see him on more nationally televised games while he earns his NBA street cred.

In his last six seasons Stevens had a 166-49 record with the Butler Bulldogs, but the NBA is a whole different animal than the NCAA. We have to be patient with Stevens as the Celtics are in a “rebuilding” time, but if this dude can get some talent on his roster he will be able to shine in the league.

spoelstraIn a league where we’re not used to seeing eye candy on the coaching staff (sorry Thibs), Stevens is a positive addition for the NBA lady viewers. Sorry Eric Spoelstra, there’s a new young rookie in town and he puts your boyish charms to shame.

“Good Job, Good Effort” Miami Heat

The Miami Heat’s Game 5 loss at home to the Boston Celtics was heartbreaking for most of their “White Hot” fans, as they were the favored team predicted to win the pivotal game on their home court. However, one mini-Heat fan was caught on camera repeatedly yelling, “Good Job! Good Effort!” as his team walked off the court and into the locker room. Either this kid is purely innocent and believes they honestly played a good game despite the loss, or he’s a sarcastic little nugget trying to tick off some multimillionaires. Regardless, this video has gone viral over night and is rather amusing to those of us Heat-haters. You can even order a t-shirt!