Bench Mob Puts a Hurt on Heat


Yea that’s something to celebrate! If you missed it, PLEASE indulge as C.J. Watson sinks a game tying three point shot and sends the Bulls into their overtime win against the Miami Heat, 96-86.

God it feels good to beat the Heat (like I played in the game). Most importantly, the stars of the game were not the Bulls starting five, but rather the reserves. Our ever popularBench Mobreally gave it to Miami last night. Between Watson stepping in for a struggling Derrick Rose (if you can believe it, Rose had 2 points), Kyle Korver sinking 3-point bombs, Taj Gibson attacking all over the court, Omer Asik man-handling the boards, and we can’t forget about Luol Deng (yes, I know he’s a starter, but Coach Thibs showed his finesse and reworked the players quite nicely last night), the Bulls showed their depth alright.

So here’s the deal, the Bulls worked their magic last night, but we’re going to need superstar performances from our reigning MVP come playoff time. He has seven games left in the regular season to get his groove back. The next three games are against the Pistons, the Wizards and the Bobcats. To say it nicely, they’re not going anywhere this season, so this is the perfect opportunity for Rose to find his explosiveness. After those three games, if he’s still struggling, then I’m going to get worried.

Da Na Na Hey! Go Bulls!

John Lucas III = Carlton Banks?

John Lucas III showed up to the United Center last night with something to prove (there’s no way any of us forgot how Lebron James actually dunked over him in Maimi earlier this season, it still hurts to see it replayed as a top dunk). Lucas was like a spark off the bench with 24 points – missing his personal high by one point – he hit 9 of 12 shots and 3 of 5 3-pointers. He just didn’t miss much and Bulls fans were eating it up.

As I watched John Lucas III destroy the Miami Heat and his defender, who happened to be “King” Lebron James, I couldn’t help but notice the crazy resemblance between Lucas and Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I immediately had to google image “Carlton Banks” where I finally learned the actor’s name, it’s Alfonso Ribeiro if you didn’t know, and they’re definitely long lost brothers. I was reassured when I saw this photo floating around online, I was not alone in my observation.

There is one thing I know for sure, if Lucas can have more games like last night coming off the bench like an animal, I will be doing the Carlton Banks “happy dance” for all to see.