Cheese Graters > Cheeseheads

Bears Packers Football

Last night proud Chicago fans headed into enemy territory (also known as Lambeau Field) as they ferociously cheered on the Bears against the Green Bay Packers during Monday night football. The Bears-Packers rivalry is one of the oldest and greatest in the history of the NFL and no matter what’s at stake for the season this game is always taken seriously. Every educated fan can appreciate the history, but let’s be serious, Bears fans and Packer fans hardly get along. 

Per usual Lambeau was a sea of Green, Gold, and cheeseheads, I mean cheese hats, but finally Bears fans had an amazing response to those horrific cheese hats – cheese grater hats. Take that you cheese queens, we can shred you up.

Cheese graters

It was a battle of the back-up QBs and for the first time since 2010 (yup the Packers had taken the last six games) the Bears defeated the Packers 27-20 at their own sanctuary in Green Bay.


Da Coach predicted the Bears W

Before last night, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had won four consecutive games and sat atop their throne in the NFC, but after a serious upset we’ve got a three-way tie going on between the Bears, Packers and Lions. With Aaron Rodgers’ injured shoulder, the Bears injury woes/aging defense and the cowardly Lions, the NFC is anyone’s for the taking. Could our Bears make a playoff appearance this season?

Keep those cheese grater hats handy boys, the Bears end their regular season against the Packers on December 29th. #BEARDOWN


Well gosh, this was fast. I think Packers haters were a bit fed up with that ridiculous Aaron Rodgers State Farm commercial and finally had the opportunity to stick-it-to-him. As the New York Giants started to close in on the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday, #Discountdoublechoke became a quick favorite trending topic on twitter (especially in Chicago).

Within just a few hours of the Packers demise, this gem was already for sale – obviously available in multiple colors (black, grey, light grey, and white) and only $17.00. 

The 2011 Packers are now the only 15-1 team to ever lose in the divisional playoff round.   It was by far the Packers’ worst performance this season, Rodgers should have gone with All State and maybe he would have been protected from this #discountdoublechoke mayhem brought on by the Giants!

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Mike Martz: Will He Stay or Will He Go?

The rumor mill is starting to churn regarding the status of Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz. With his contract expiring at the end of this season and quite a bit of offensive inconsistencies, many fans are wondering will Mr. Martz bite Bears dust?

During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Lovie Smith snapped when asked if he planned on bringing Martz back. “What kind of question is that anyway?” Smith said, angrily. “At this time, what kind of question is that? Why would you ask a question like that anyway?” reports Comcast SportsNet.

Yes, the question was a bit out of line, considering coaching evaluations are not done until after the season is complete, but his reaction doesn’t bode much confidence on the return of Martz next year. Normally, we would expect a traditional “Mike Martz is our Offensive Coordinator,” from the smooth sailing Smith.

 I think this story might have a different tune if the Bears could have avoided so many crucial injuries. If you take a look back on the season, here is a breakdown:

  1. We looked impressive in our season opener against Atlanta – offense, defense, and special teams all successful.
  2. The next 6 games were a bit rough, not looking dominate in much of anything offensively. We skated by ending up 4-3 going into our bye week. Much of the criticism was pointed at Martz, looking like a stubborn old man who wouldn’t run plays that were working throughout first halves and not playing to his players strengths.
  3. After the bye week, the Bears came back and won 5 straight games, we had fewer interceptions, more QB protection AND increased TDs. The only team, who scored more averaged points per game during that stretch were our rival Green Bay Packers. We all had hopes of another NFC championship throwndown with Aaron Rodgers and crew.
  4. And then Jay Cutler’s thumb was ruined by San Diego, and we were forced to endure the Kansas City loss (who took out Matt Forte), the Tim Tebow and Denver comeback, the Seattle loss (which nearly paralyzed Johnny Knox) as well as our Christmas day demise by Green Bay.
  5. And here we are, our final game against Minnesota starting Josh McCown and with a laundry list of players on injured reserve.

So what exactly would be best for the Bears offense and their overall success? Do we fire Martz and put Cutler on the coordinator merry-go-round just when he was looking confident executing Martz’s offense? Martz is Cutler’s third offensive coordinator since being drafted to the Bears. If you look at quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady they have a few things in common: consistency, routine, confidence in the execution of their offense, and Superbowl rings. They have been able to perfect the original offenses they were given. I believe Cutler has the potential to be great, but would it be fair to throw another coordinator at him yet again? And if Martz stays, is his offense outdated and too predictable? Is Cutler better off with a new offense – actually having control and being able to call an audible?

I have to admit, I am happy this decision doesn’t lie in my hands. YIKES.

Stick it to Him

As we all know the Packers are the talk of the NFL for some very valid reasons, but this gem I found makes me respect their fan base just a little bit more.  Right now Aaron Rodgers is having a remarkable year (it should just read “UNREAL” when discussing his passing yards or completions instead of a number), BUT they are the Bears ultimate rival.

Cheese-hat action

However this picture is awesome (I know the Packers embarrassed the Bears nationally on Christmas Day, but we’ve all put this year to rest and will keep our fingers and toes crossed for next season). I think any girl/woman who’s ever been cheated on can appreciate this amazing photo.

Touche Packer fan, you show him who won that battle. She looks so content with her current state. Cheaters get couches and nice girls get to go to football games. #getitgirl

It’s Here… Our First Bears vs. Packers Showdown

The rivaled Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will meet at Solider Field for the first time this Sunday since the NFC North Championship throw-down in January. The Packers won 21-14, sending Rodgers and monster man Clay Matthews to the Superbowl. Everyone has the defending Superbowl Champs picked to win, but us Chicagoans are hoping the Bears’ O-Line figures out they should be the ones tackling the defense…not the defense sacking Jay Culter.

Culter spent far too much time on the ground last week, taking a pounding against the New Orleans Saints. Let’s say it together “Protect the quarter back, Protect the Quarterback”. We know better than anyone, Aaron Rodgers can turn this game into a shootout, and anticipate he will abuse Chicago’s secondary and spread the football around to anyone in a green jersey (Jennings, Driver, Finley, Nelson etc.). Culter’s going to need to be on his feet and able to complete some passes, but we need to focus on our strengths, Matt Forte (by the way let’s give him that extra $$ he’s asking for).

Here’s what I believe needs to happen:

  1. Linebackers: Brian Urlacher > Clay Matthews. Let’s hope number 54 comes out in full swing “Beast mode”
  2. Julius Peppers needs to show Rodgers how sweet the grass of Solider Field smells.
  3. Matt Forte needs to have 117 rushing yards in the game – not just the season thus far.
  4. Offensive line must adjust with Gabe Carimi injured
  5. All Bears fans need to snatch the cheese hats off of Packers fans heads and throw them in the nearest receptacles.
The Bears defense will be on its toes again this week, but I’m hoping the Packers leave Chicago 2-1. BEAR DOWN!