What It’s Like to Live Amongst the 12th Man

space needle 12th manI’ve been in Seattle for a little over 2 months and I’ve learned two things super quickly:

1.) The Emerald city is crazy about composting garbage and recycling (it’s illegal to throw food scraps in your trash).

2.) Seattleites are absolutely INSANE about their Seattle Seahawks. I mean I get it, I’m a Bears fan through-n-through and I’ve always been the one decked out in my fan gear on Sundays. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to cheer for a defending champion NFL team. And although I’ve grown up in a sports city, the 12th man is a whole other animal that has truly encompassed the city. It’s blue and lime green all day EVERY day.


It doesn’t matter where you go 12’s are EVERYWHERE. Small signs in every apartment window, large signs outside of professional buildings, people wearing their 12th man jerseys like they’re a legitimate player on the Seahawks roster and my personal favorite, the 12th man flag flies proudly atop the popular Space Needle lit with green and blue lights.

If you need more information about the 12th Man, don’t worry, they’ve got a website: http://www.seahawks.com/12th-Man/. Obviously, it doesn’t stop there.

12th man beerWhy not have a local beer dedicated to the fans of Seattle? The 12th Can from Ballard brewmasters Hilliard’s Beer was the answer to this problem. The brew was introduced in 2013.



12th blendWashington is a state is known for it’s delicious wine. It’s basically the first cousin to Napa Valley. So obviously, you’re going to have a few winos hanging around (myself included). What do you get when you put Seahawks fans and a wine label together? The “12th Blend” produced by Eye of the Needle Winery. It not only has a fun label 12th man fans adore, it also supports Northwest Harvest, a statewide, nonprofit hunger relief agency.


12 spiritsIf you’re not a beer or wine fan, don’t you fret. 12th Spirits has some harder Vodka and Gin options for you as well. So basically, no matter what you’re drinking you can always incorporate the 12th man.



Why stop at booze? The 12th man is a part of daily life here in Washington. I think the next best option would be to decorate your home to show your support? This Ferndale homeowner originally only painted her front door lime green and her neighbors encouraged her to just go all out and incorporate the garage as well. All for the love of the Hawks.


12th man house


Seattle is also one of the most dog friendly cities in the US. The 12th man doesn’t care if you’re animal or human, all living beings are included in the majestic fan-hood. Take this golden retriever and her puppies for example.

12th man puppy

It’s not just the fans and their pets who have adopted this 12th Man persona, but the team itself is onboard.

Team waving flagBefore every game the 12th Man flag is raised by a player or some sort of celebrity and it is an HONOR in this neck of the woods. Coach Pete Carroll, Quarterback Russell Wilson and the crazy talented and outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman always acknowledge the 12th man in their post game interviews as well.

As an outsider, I think the fact that the city is so supportive of their NFL fans is fantastic. I hope the Bears will actually win a Superbowl in my lifetime and Chicago embraces the obnoxious and amazing fandom.

However, my one qualm is the 12 jerseys. There are so many crazy talented players on the Seahawks your options are endless for jersey choices. Go get yourself a Wilson or Chancellor jersey, otherwise you just look silly (unless you’re a fluffy pup, then it doesn’t really matter what jersey you wear).

So bring on the Superbowl Seahawks. My Bears gear has been put away until next season and I’m hopping on the Superbowl bandwagon with my Seahawks baseball cap. I’m ready to experience what it’s like to win a Championship in the city of the 12th man. Give it to me Seattle 🙂

Sarah Harbaugh and Dockers Man the Fight Against Dad Pants

This commercial addresses a very serious concern for all women who have known a man who own a pair of “Dad Pants.” This issue circles back to a post I wrote back in January about 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh and his choice of Khaki pants. Please join Sarah and Dockers to #stopdadpants. It’s an epidemic that needs to end.

my nightmare

                       My nightmare

Puppy Love in Sochi

Gus loves puppies

My most favorite story to come out of the 2014 Sochi Olympics has nothing to do with winter sports and everything to do with adorable puppies. Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy found a litter of puppies in the Olympic Village. The skier worked to get all of the stray puppies vaccinated while he was also attempting to medal as an Olympian (he took home a silver medal in the slopestyle event).

puppiesKenworthy and the puppies took their relationship to the next level of love over the past week and he is trying to bring them back to Colorado with him. Just a quick trip around the world. He’s so committed to his plan that he’s staying in Sochi a few days longer than planned because the paperwork is taking longer than expected.

Doggy Visa’s probably aren’t a commodity in Sochi!

Follow him on Twitter to witness all the puppy fun @Guskenworthy

Miley Cyrus Has Got to Go

Miley goes too far

No, Miley, this is not okay. First she put on that horrid spectacle at the VMA’s on Sunday and today she destroys a Michael Jordan jersey into one of her “signature” two piece numbers.

It’s one thing for the former Disney Channel star to make a mockery of her already non-respected pop-music career, but this chick needs to steer clear of the sports world. MJ fans will find you girl.

The inspiration for the Jordan jersey two piece is Mike WiLL Made It’s new song, “23”. Other featured artists are Miley’s buddies Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa.

I’m officially reporting this photo as “inappropriate” on Instagram because it offends me.