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J.J. Watt is a Superhero

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I’ve come to the conclusion that J.J. Watt is either a Superhero or just a freak of nature – they’re one in the same most of the time. Watt is a Defensive End for the Houston Texans, but the superstar didn’t stop at tackling his own position, he¬†has receiving yards which means he plays defense AND offense in the NFL, it’s basically unheard of.

When he’s not playing both sides of the field you can catch him kicking field goals or jumping over 59.9 inches which crushed youtube waves back in 2013.

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Watt was asked to recreate his stunt, but this time he was in a suit and tie AND Kimmel and¬†security guard Guillermo would be under the table. Since he has super powers, this task was a simple feat for Mr. Watt. He didn’t even rip his pants. What a beast.

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