Marshawn Lynch Finally Speaks His Mind



Marshawn Lynch is notorious for pushing the limits on and off the field. He is first and foremost a ridiculously talented running back for the SuperBowl bound Seattle Seahawks. Lets just say you would definitely want him on your fantasy roster, the dude’s nickname is “Beast Mode” for crying out loud.

Lynch is a badass player, but also has some ridiculous reputations off the field. First, he’s obsessed with Skittles. He was most recently fined $20,000 for grabbing his crotch during the NFC Championship game, this was not a first offense. He is also known for his refusal to speak to the media. He just doesn’t like it and doesn’t care if he gets fined $100,000 for it, but yesterday Skittles shared a press conference where Marshawn says what’s on his mind.

The caption below the video reads, “Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football.”

Enjoy 🙂

And just remember, “You don’t feel beast mode, it feels you”

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