LET THEM EAT CAKE! Happy 100th Birthday Wrigley Field


The ever famous Wrigley Field is celebrating its 100th birthday this fine Wednesday. The very first baseball game was played at the friendly confines exactly this day 100 years ago AND it basically looked exactly the same (hehe).

Over the last century the Cubs haven’t had too much to celebrate, but the field has become an iconic Chicago staple making plenty of movie cameos and providing a venue for some of the most historic Chicago concerts.

What better way to celebrate a centennial than with a 400 lbs cake? If you’ve been around 100 years you don’t have to count the calories any longer, you’re excused. The massive cake was baked by Buddy Valastro of the TLC show Cake Boss. It took a small army and six days to make this bad boy. We’ll call it the Friendly Cakefines.


The cake is currently on display outside the friendly confines for fans and Wrigleyville patrons to admire. According to Danny Ecker of ChicagoBussiness.com guests will get to try the cake during a party at the Field Museum.

cake cake

I have two concerns. Will the cake taste delicious or will the fondant overpower the flavor? And WHO is blowing out the candles?


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