Cam Newton SuperHero Identity Crisis

batman cleats

Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is known around the league for his “Superman” touchdown dance. This past Sunday the 24-year-old was spotted wearing Batman cleats before his team pummeled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

camshoesWait a minute…Just a few weeks back he rocked some superman cleats. Is Cam cheating on Superman with the Dark Knight. Or do we have a serious Justice League fan on our hands?

Due to uniform regulations in the NFL Newton couldn’t rock the cleats during the game, but I think their magic rubbed off on the QB – he tore things up.

Superman and Batman are both bad asses in my book. As long as Cam continues to play at such a high caliber (he’s my fantasy QB) I can get down with any superhero cleats!

If you’ve never witness the Cam Newton touchdown dance, here he is in all his glory:

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