Man Crush Monday: Jordan Cameron

Cleveland Browns 2011 Headshots

In honor of the Bears defeating the Browns on Sunday, this week’s Man Crush Monday is dedicated to the hunkiest tight end in the league, Jordan Cameron.

Alright, alright, you can stop drooling. I know he’s dreamy, but don’t be fooled by his good looks because this 6’5″ tall drink of water can get you some serious fantasy points. He can catch the ball like a receiver, he’s quick, and he can make some nasty blocks. If Cleveland ever finds a decent quarterback Mr. Handsome could be an absolute monster.


Cameron started his athletic career at BYU playing basketball and later transferred to USC in 2008 to play football. His senior year he switched from wide receiver to tight end and really thrived in his new position. He was drafted in 2011 after impressing many coaches during the NFL combine. JC was a fresh talent when he arrived in the NFL and has really improved his game and only continues to develop.

In regards to love interests, Cameron is believed to be unattached at the moment. I attended the Browns holiday party this past week and JC arrived looking dapper in his holiday best, but definitely flew solo.  If you’re blonde with legs for days you may be just Cameron’s type. He recently split from Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. As for the rest of us non-models, we can just enjoy the view.

Man Crush Monday: Brandon Marshall


In honor of MNF and the Bears Cowboys NFC throwdown tonight my first Man Crush Monday is dedicated to the one and only Brandon Marshall. I don’t know if it’s his great pearly white smile, his ability to make amazing catches on the field, his size and strength to make dirty blocks or just his charisma, but I have crushed on BMarsh since he joined the Bears two seasons ago.

b marsh tats

The Bears’ wide receiver is a reformed NFL bad-boy who has really cleaned up his image. You can find him posting pictures on Instagram of his favorite books, advocating for Mental Health Awareness (he suffers from borderline personality disorder), strutting around in adorable bow-ties and showing fellow NFLers how to truly rock the three piece suit.

Did I mention I really love the bow-ties?


BMarsh’s bromance with Jay Cutty is precious. Cutler threw Marshall his first touchdown pass (they were both then Denver Broncos) in December of 2006. Marshall would later be traded to the Dolphins in 2010. The fearsome duo were reunited when Marshall was traded to the Bears in March of 2012 and they have been going strong ever since.

Bromance Cutty and Bmarsh

Sorry to ruin the party single ladies, but Marshall is a married man. Michi Nogami-Campbell and Marshall tied the knot in April of 2010. She is beautiful and has her own sassy reputation to uphold. Just google it.


Be sure to follow the stud on Instagram – btm15 – and twitter @BMarshall

Peyton Manning “Regretfully Declines” Wedding Invite

Reddit imageA few Peyton Manning fans tossed up a Hail Mary and sent the Bronco’s quarterback an invitation to their wedding.

Surprisingly enough, the superstar QB responded. Unfortunately for the couple, Peyton had to “Regretfully Decline” and will not be busting a move on the reception dance floor with “Anna” and “James” however, they did receive a very legitimate personalized autograph of the megastar. I vote to frame that baby.

Peyton Manning is awesome in so many ways. He’s one of the most phenomenal quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, he wipes the floor each week in fantasy points, he loves pizza and he’s just a nice guy. If I ever get married, I’m sending Big Man Peyton an invite too!



Cam Newton SuperHero Identity Crisis

batman cleats

Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is known around the league for his “Superman” touchdown dance. This past Sunday the 24-year-old was spotted wearing Batman cleats before his team pummeled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

camshoesWait a minute…Just a few weeks back he rocked some superman cleats. Is Cam cheating on Superman with the Dark Knight. Or do we have a serious Justice League fan on our hands?

Due to uniform regulations in the NFL Newton couldn’t rock the cleats during the game, but I think their magic rubbed off on the QB – he tore things up.

Superman and Batman are both bad asses in my book. As long as Cam continues to play at such a high caliber (he’s my fantasy QB) I can get down with any superhero cleats!

If you’ve never witness the Cam Newton touchdown dance, here he is in all his glory:

Bulls November Report Card: C-

The Bulls’ season has been underway for a little over a month and the game has already taken a toll on our emotions. As fans we’re exhausted, I can’t imagine what the players must be going through. If you’ve missed Coach Thibodeau’s recent emotional sideline displays, the Bulls are in a full fledged identity crisis after losing Derrick Rose for the season and sitting 2nd in the Central Division at 7-9.

It’s tough times Bulls fans. November started with the highest hopes, Rose was finally finding his rhythm after a year off the floor and the team was starting to gel again. Then BAM in the blink of an eye everything plummeted into a devastating black hole. This is the kind of season where you either pride yourself on being a die-hard Bulls fan and stick it out, or perhaps just pack it up until next season.

The Good: 

Jimmy Butler finally got a haircut.

Other than the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat the Bulls are competing in a weak Eastern Conference. It’s a blessing and a burden. The Bulls won’t be terrible enough in the conference to “tank” the season and get a top draft pick, but they don’t have enough without Rose to

The Bad: Well gosh, where do I even begin.

It was just a normal game during the yearly Circus Trip where the biggest challenge was Jimmy Butler sitting out with a case of turf toe. Then suddenly Derrick Rose’s right knee buckled in the third quarter and he limped off the TrailBlazer’s court. Next thing we know he needs season ending surgery to repair a torn medial meniscus. And in an instant all the Bulls’ hopes and dreams of an NBA Championship were immediately stripped away.Losing your franchise player to a knee injury for the second time in less than two years is a bit traumatizing. It’s one thing to go into the season knowing you’ll be without your star player, however losing DRose 11 games into the season after believing he was 100% healthy is near impossible to bounce back from. DRose seems to be on a year-to-year status with the Bulls.

Overall: It’s going to take the Bulls a hot second to shake off the loss of their superstar point guard, regain their composure and buckle up to do what they do best – get back to playing defense. It’s always been about heart hustle and muscle in Chicago.

Read my whole piece via Bulls November Report Card: C- | SportsDivas Inc..