Positive Perspective: Arkansas Cheerleader with One Leg


Patience Beard is an inspiring collegiate woman. She’s living every high school cheerleader’s ultimate dream cheering in front of the rowdy crowds of the SEC.

This little lady is currently a sophomore at the University of Arkansas on a cheerleading scholarship. What makes her different from the other Hogs cheerleaders is that she is a D1 cheerleader with one leg – an extremely fashionable zebra striped leg, but a prosthetic nonetheless.

Collegiate cheerleading is cut-throat. Tiny girls competing against tinier girls to get tossed around and lift the spirits of thousands of fans during football season. Not mention you’re required to tumble like a maniac – no back tuck means no cheerleading for you.


What’s most amazing about Patience’s story is the way she redefines “what is normal?”.

Check out this video on HooplaHa.

As a freshman, Beard was nominated for theĀ Discover Orange Bowl-Football Writers Association of America Courage Award, check out the whole story HERE.


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