Grenadiers Go Viral with a Hail Mary at Homecoming


In a little town called Elk Grove Village located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, there is a football team called the Grenadiers (what’s a Grenadier – yea I know, click the link) which has stirred up some social media buzz with a seriously ridiculous Hail Mary at this past weekend’s homecoming game against Rolling Meadows. It happens to be even more awesome because this is my hometown and the high school football team I hold dear to my heart.

Elk Grove was down 33-26 at their own 48 yard line when Quarterback Adam O’Malley scrambled and sent one last prayer down the field. Unfortunately, the ball fell rather short of the end zone, but the football fairies were on the Grens side because the ball hit a Rolling Meadows defender, bounced off an Elk Grove player on the ground, and was then snatched up by Mike Bischoff at the 16. Bischoff went incredible hulk and basically dragged two defenders two yards for the touchdown. Now watch the madness:

Here’s another view for you, end zone angle:

To make this game even more epic, EG was still down a point and had their field goal attempt blocked. Again, luck was on their side because Rolling Meadows received a penalty for having a player leave the field via the end zone instead of the sideline, and on the second attempt the Grens ran a sweep for the two-point conversion and the big HC win.

It made ESPN’s “must see” video list, it got a full spread on DeadSpin and it’s honestly just an awesome sequence of football. Congrats my little Grenadiers!

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