Basketball is Everything to Derrick Rose

What does Derrick Rose have left if you take away the mansion, the famous friends, and the lavish lifestyle filled with really awesome birthday cakes? He still has the hardwood and to this guy, basketball is everything.

Adidas took a different approach in their latest commercial for the returning Chicago Bulls superstar. The commercial titled “Basketball is Everything” is less about the “D Rose 4” shoes and more about making a statement.

derrick-rose-d-rose-4-bulls-3_crop_northIt begins by illustrating all the by-products of fame – Rose picking out some serious sparkly swag, Rose hitting the club with Common and Two Chainz – and some bitter fans who are still upset he didn’t return after receiving medical clearance last season may wonder “where are they going with this”?

Then, they get ya. Derrick gets nasty on the court and reminds all the haters that he’s STILL all about the game.

Well done Adidas, you gave me the chilly willies. Is it October 29th yet?

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