Blackhawks Receive their Championship Bling

Front view

Diamonds are the Blackhawks’ best friend.

On Sunday night the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks were presented their custom championship rings designed by the jewelers at Jostens. This bling-a-ling has it all from white diamonds, yellow diamonds, emeralds and rubies. It’s really too bad I can’t ice skate.

inside of ring

The ring tells the story of the Blackhawks triumphant journey to a second Stanley Cup title in three years. Each ring is personalized with a championship team member’s name and respective number. Captain Toews shared his ring with the Blackhawks’ Instagram yesterday evening to give us fans a look-see at the new jewels.

One of my favorite parts is the inscription breaking down the different series of this particular post season. Just a little reminder of who they dominated and in how many games they did it.

The opposite side (not pictured) features five diamond-studded Stanley Cup trophies. Each trophy representing a Chicago championship title including 1934, 1938, 1961, 2010 and 2013.

Hopefully I can see one of these beastly beauties in person!

Evolution of End Zone Dancing and More

Before you head out and about this weekend for college football or to watch your NFL guys, check out Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake break down the End Zone dance #peeyourpantsfunny

Mr. Fallon wasn’t done after displaying his moves with JT! Real satisfaction could only come after a REAL NFL player performed one of his touchdown dances. Because end zone dancing is frowned upon in the NFL, Fallon offered to match the $10,000 fine from the league and donate it to that player’s favorite charity.

Rookie tight end Joseph Fauria took to some N’SYNC after he scored his five yard touchdown during the Lions’ 27-20 win over the Redskins on Sunday.

Fauria tweeted “you may hate me, but it ain’t no lie” after Sunday’s game. He may have only been 10 years old when “Bye Bye Bye” was released, but it looks like we have a JT fan on our hands. “We were going nuts,” Fallon said on the show. “We all saw it on Twitter and we were going crazy.”

The NFL didn’t end up fining Fauria, however Fallon stuck to his word and donated $10,000 to the charity of the rookie’s choice.



I love Jimmy Fallon and I love football 🙂

Top 10 NBA Players Dispute for 2013-2014


Sports Illustrated recently released their list of Top 100 NBA Players for 2014 and I have to admit there have been some rocky reviews.

The most public of criticisms came from OKC’s Kevin Durant who came in at #2 in the rankings. During a recent interview KD was asked who he thought was missing from his top 10 players. Durant’s response was James Harden. He was then asked who should be moved so Harden could enter the top 10 and KD said Dwyane Wade. Wade had come in at No. 8 on the list and Harden at 11.

And the social media throwdown began. Wade came back with this photo of his personal “reminder” for Durant to make him respect his legacy.

Dwyane Wade Instagram

What exactly defines a top player in the NBA? Obviously stats are taken into consideration. Who has the highest shooting percentages? Who scores the most points, has the most assists, the most rebounds? Who plays the most minutes? Who has the best defense? But to be the BEST in a league of stars it’s more than just statistics. In my mind it’s the guy who single handily takes his team to the next level by being on the court. He’s THE guy who needs a strong supporting cast to win championships, but leads the way to greatness. He’s not only explosive on offense, but can shut you down on defense during the next possession.

Here are SI’s top 10 players:

top 10

In all honesty I agree with KD, DWade is not a top 10 player in 2014 – there’s no way. The guy’s knees are in BAD shape. He didn’t blow and ACL or an Achilles, but his knees are not what they used to be. Also, last time I checked Wade barely played during the conference finals as well as the nba finals and the Heat won their second consecutive championship title just fine.

Where’s Chicago’s main man Derrick Rose? He’s been off the court for a year and coming off an ACL injury, but reports state he’s stronger than ever. Is Russell Westbrook, who also blew his ACL last season, a better point guard than Derrick Rose? Hell no. Also, last time I checked Rose won himself a nice MVP title just a few short years ago something KD, Chris Paul and Westbrook have yet to achieve.

What about Kobe Bryant. He’s 35 and coming off of an achilles injury. Reports are glowing with the miraculous rehab Kobe’s had, but he’s still past his prime. I know better than to doubt Kobe, but I don’t think I’d put him before Derrick Rose at this very moment in time.

Dwight Howard is another ranking I disagree with. Last time I checked the guy had a healthy Kobe Bryant next to him all last season and didn’t do squat. He got shut DOWN by Nazr Mohammed when the Lakers played the Bulls. I’m not trash talking my man Nazi, but he’s not a candidate for defensive player of the year.

AGE FACTOR: Tim Duncan may have stoically made it into the NBA finals last season, but he will be another year older this season. Will Tim Duncan be a better player than James Harden and Derrick Rose. Nope, no way.

If I had to rank, here’s my top 10:

  1. Lebron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Carmelo Anthony
  5. Derrick Rose
  6. James Harden
  7. Tony Parker
  8. Kobe Bryant
  9. Tim Duncan
  10. Dwight Howard

The farther you scroll through the list the more questions you have. Check out the full list here:

Who’s your top 10?

Jimmy Buckets and Marky Mark Throw Down at the Berto Center


My love affair with swingman Jimmy Butler began last February during his breakout season with the Chicago Bulls. Not only was he incredible on the court, but he also seems like a fun loving guy.

With a month left to go before training camp and the quickly approaching NBA season, what’s a pro bball player to do on his downtime? Why not play a little one-on-one basketball with Marky Mark while he’s in Chicago filming the next Transformers movie?

butler tweet

Butler apparently won seven out six games, which seems a bit off. We know Wahlberg is athletic (staring in movies such as Invisible and The Fighter), but JimmyB has a good foot on the actor! Butler also claims he had 100 points, 100 rebounds, 100 steals, 100 blocks and 100 assists – definitely no exaggerations there.


Familiar Faces: Marc Trestman


As I watched Marc Trestman during his first “official” post game press conference as the Chicago Bears head coach (preseason doesn’t count), I couldn’t help but ask myself “why does he look so familiar?”

Bill-nyeThen it clicked, Marc Trestman looks a whole lot like Bill Nye the Science Guy. After watching countless episodes during science class throughout elementary school and junior high, I’m embarrassed it took me so long to recognize the resemblance.

In all honesty, I could care less if Bill Nye was actually coaching the Bears as long as the team plays well.

Trestman made some gutsy calls during the Bears home opener on Sunday and I’m very excited to see what else the rookie Head Coach has in store for Chicago this season. Marc, Marc, Marc, Marc, Marc, Marc!

Queen of SNF: Carrie Underwood’s Been Waiting All Day For Sunday Night

BTr6ID_CcAAPTSzTonight NBC unveiled Carrie Underwood’s rendition of the Sunday Night Football theme song where she officially claimed her throne as the NFL’s new musical queen.

Miss Carrie’s version is edgy, filled with Verizon logos, and topped with big vocals that we all know and love. However, I was a bit shocked NBC didn’t put her in a sassier outfit, more like the sexy dress Faith Hill rocked in last season’s song. We were all expecting a few more shots of Underwood’s ridiculously sculpted legs – but hey there’s no arguing this girl is exceptionally talented and beautiful.

Underwood took over the job after Faith Hill hung up her Sunday Night stilettos. We’ve seen Hill at the beginning of the broadcast singing “Waiting all day for Sunday Night” for the last six years. For those of you who struggle with math (myself included), she owned the Sunday Night stage since 2007. Faith Hill replaced PINK who sang the theme song in 2006.

Fun fact of the day – did you know the song is a reworking of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You”?

Check out the new theme song below. How does Carrie compare to the other NFL Sunday Night Queens? I don’t think there could have been a more perfect replacement for Miss Hill. Keep things country, it works.

Carrie Underwood:

Faith Hill: