NBA Draft Day Recap: Bulls New Rookies

Thursday’s 2013 NBA draft was not of epic proportions, but it had it’s fair share of stunners. Unfortunately, when it comes to our Bulls, Chicago took an expected safe route.

As fans, we’re always hopeful for some fancy blockbuster trades that will make our team the best in the league. The rumor mill had been running rapid all week with hopes of big trades for LaMarcus Aldridge (currently a Trail Blazer) for Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler or using Luol Deng’s All-Star status to attain a better draft pick. No surprise here, the Bulls didn’t make any unexpected trade moves.

This draft may not have been filled with glitz and glam for the Bulls, but they picked up some players who can improve the team offensively.

Chicago welcomed New Mexico’s Tony Snell with the No. 20 pick and Florida’s Erik Murphy with the 49th pick. So who are these newbies and what can they offer our men in red?

Tony Snell

The 21-year-old Lobo gives the Bulls some much needed three-point shooting power (which is great because we need more fire-power from behind the arc to take on teams like Miami next season). Snell played three years at New Mexico and looks NBA ready.

Last season he averaged 12.5 points a game. Snell loves the three and his stats prove it – he shot 39% from downtown. Considering the Bulls were one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the league they could really use a guy like Snell.

At 6’7″ and 198 pounds, Snell has the height and weight to defend multiple player positions. With a touch of Coach Tom Thibodeau’s defensive magic, Snell could become a defensive role player.

Erik Murphy

Erik Murphy will join fellow Florida Gator alum Joakim Noah next season in Chicago. At 6’9″ and 230 pounds Murphy will give the Bulls some versatility at the Power Forward position since he can stretch the floor. Offensively, Murphy can help the Bulls as he averaged 12 points a game last season at Florida.  It’s defensively where he might struggle.

Since the Bulls already have a power forward who struggles on defense (cough cough Carlos Boozer) Mr. Murphy may not see many minutes from coach Thibs until he gets the swing of Chicago’s defensive rhythm.

In light of the Bulls current salary constraints, their draft day decisions were nothing out of the ordinary, but we’re hopeful Snell and Murphy can perform up to Thibodeau’s standards and advance the team further than previous years. After all the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup celebrations, we want a Bulls championship more than ever!!!

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