Heat Fan Flips the Bird: Keeping It Classy Miami

miami fans

As Joakim Noah was walking off the court in Game 2 after his ejection, a lovely Miami Heat fan thought it appropriate to flip-the-bird in Jo-No’s face. The game may have been a blow out, but the real talk of the town is the instant classic photo that has been spiraling around the social media realm. The photo is outrageous on it’s own, but the story gets better.

The white-hot-pant wearing mami has been identified as Filomena “Phyllis” Tobias, the widow (after one year of marriage) of hedge-fund millionaire and CNBC personality Seth Tobias. Their marriage was a relationship based on coke, pill-popping, booze and infidelity with a gay stripper named Tiger. It was a dream come true. The best part, Filomena was accused of murdering her fourth hubby after he was found floating dead in their pool and she inherited some serious cash-money. Stephen Rodrick of New York Magazine did an entire spread on Seth Tobias’ questionable death in 2008.

That’s a real quality Heat fan right there…

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