Bridal Bonanza: Bears & Packer Wedding Gowns


Talk about being the belle of the tailgate…wowzers. These prideful bridal gowns take being an NFL fan to the next level.

The dresses were designed by the owner of Complete Bridal Salon, David Gaffke back in 2011 – where he debuted these gems on NBC. Recently, the dresses have resurfaced making a splash on Pinterest.

If you’re a true super-fan – I would recommend sticking to the colors of your favorite team, but maybe not a full length Bears/Packers gown for your big day.

The Legend Behind the Octopus Throwing Madness

Al Sobotka

As a Chicago Blackhawks’ fan I have grown up with the “Detroit Sucks” chant ingrained in my brain. When it comes time for the Stanley Cup playoffs, it doesn’t get much more intense than a Western Conference showdown between the Blackhawks and their rivaled Detroit Red Wings. While I’ve been watching the second round series this year, I couldn’t help getting a little grossed out as the ice crews clean up nasty squids from off the ice.

I was curious as to why Red Wings fans think it’s okay to throw sea creatures onto the ice during a hockey game. My curiosity led to some research and thankfully for the people of Michigan they have a decent story supporting their Octopus tossing.

ice girl squid“The Legend of the Octopus” is a tradition during Red Wings playoff games where fans chuck octopuses onto the ice. The activity dates back to the 1952 playoffs, when the National Hockey League had two best-of-seven series to win the Stanley Cup. The octopus, having eight arms, symbolized the number of playoff wins necessary to capture Lord Stanley’s cup. The magical practice started April 15, 1952 when Pete and Jerry Cusimano, Detroit brothers and storeowners, hurled an octopus onto the rink of The Old Red Barn. The ’52 Red Wings swept the Toronto Maple Leafs and then the Montreal Canadiens en route to winning the cup and BOOM throwing around live octopuses became acceptable in the Motor City. Apparently in 1995 a fan threw a 38 pound monster onto the ice (gross). To add to the octopus love, the Red Wings’ unofficial mascot is a purple Octopus named Al.

While the tradition is unique, I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying around a live eight-legged sea creature. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for security checking bags at the games.  Are they limited as to how MANY octopuses they allow through the gates?

Hopefully the Hawks can clinch the series in Game 7 tomorrow and hockey fans won’t have to see any more squids on the ice this year.

Eastern Conference Finals Preview: Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers

If you stopped watching the NBA Playoffs when our depleted Bulls were bounced last week in round two, you may want to consider tuning back in starting tonight as the Eastern Conference Finals are about to get underway.

The post season is far from over as four teams remain (down from the original 16) and are looking to advance to the NBA Finals, the final round of the NBA Playoffs. In the Western Conference, the favored San Antonio Spurs are facing off against the underdog Memphis Grizzlies and already have a 2-0 lead in the series.

In the Eastern Conference, for the second year in a row the top seeded Miami Heat find themselves going head-to-head with the third seeded Indiana Pacers. That’s right, two of the Bulls biggest rivals will face-off to claim their throne as the biggest beasts of the East and continue their quest to an NBA title.

Let’s take a closer look at this interesting Eastern Conference matchup that is sure to keep Bulls fans tuning in just a little longer.

On one end of the court you’ll find the Pacers who have the league’s best defense led by big nasty Roy Hibbert and on the opposite side you have the defending Champion Miami Heat with the hottest commanding offense in the NBA led by four-time MVP Lebron James. Will the Pacers tough antics rattle Miami’s nearly perfect offense? We will soon find out. Here’s the need to know information for round 3.

Read the entire Eastern Finals Preview with Key Players, need to know facts and predictions at via Eastern Conference Finals Preview: Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers | SportsDivas Inc..

Brian Urlacher Announces NFL Retirement


It is officially the end of an era. For 13 years Brian Urlacher has been the face of the Chicago Bears franchise. Throughout his extraordinary career he has bled only navy, orange and white and has been the one true “Monster of the Midway.” On Wednesday morning the eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker announced his retirement from the NFL.

urlacher tweet

Urlacher had been testing the waters of free agency this year after the Bears could not reach an agreement with the star linebacker. When it came down to his NFL future, he said, “Although I could continue playing, I’m not sure I would bring a level of performance or passion that’s up to my standards. When considering this, along with the fact that I could retire after 13-year career wearing only one jersey for such a storied franchise, my decision became pretty clear.”

He went on to say, “I will miss my teammates, my coaches, and the great Bears fans. I’m proud to say that I gave all of you everything I had every time I took the field. I will miss the great game, but I leave with no regrets.”

Urlacher SprintHere’s a little breakdown of some of his accomplishments:

  • 2000 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Winner
  • 2005 Defensive Player of the Year Winner
  • First-Team All-Pro 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006
  • Pro Bowl Appearances: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011
  • 2012 Ed Block Courage Award (given to those who showed a commitment to sportsmanship and courage)

As a selfish Urlacher lover, I’m honestly happy I don’t have to see him suit up in another jersey next season, but this isn’t the ideal way to send off a future hall-of-famer.

It is unclear what the next steps will be for #54. Will we see him on NFL network or CSN Chicago providing commentary? Will he be a part of the Bears organization in some capacity, possibly as a coach? Or will he head back to his roots of New Mexico and enjoy his retired life sipping on cold beer and playing some golf? Whatever he chooses, he deserves the best.

Urlacher, you are a class act. Chicago fans everywhere thank you for giving us something to cheer about these past 13 years. You will be missed!

What a Guy: Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Red Cross Tornado Relief


I have been in love with Kevin Durant on the basketball court since his debut, I fell more in love with KD after the hilarious Sprint NBA commercial, but today America fell head over heels in love with Kevin Durant the person.

After devastating tornadoes swept through the streets of Oklahoma City stripping people of their homes a beacon of hope emerged with the generosity of one very popular OKC Thunder player. CBS Sports’ Royce Young broke the news that Kevin Durant has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to support the Oklahoma City Tornado Relief fund.

Even for a superstar NBA player, a million dollars is a really large sum of money. Durant earned approximately $17.5 million playing for OKC this past season – endorsements not included. So that means KD just donated about 5% of his salary to support the city that cheers him on throughout his season. The Oklahoma City Thunder organization then chimed in and matched Durant’s donation in support of relief as well.

Unlike other superstars, Mr. Durant didn’t take to twitter publicizing his donation. Rather, the Red Cross was the one to announce his generous donation while KD was urging others to donate to support the fund.

KD Tweet

I don’t think it gets much better than Kevin Durant ladies and gentlemen. Today he showed the world that he is not only an outstanding professional basketball player, but also an outstanding human being.

Heat Fan Flips the Bird: Keeping It Classy Miami

miami fans

As Joakim Noah was walking off the court in Game 2 after his ejection, a lovely Miami Heat fan thought it appropriate to flip-the-bird in Jo-No’s face. The game may have been a blow out, but the real talk of the town is the instant classic photo that has been spiraling around the social media realm. The photo is outrageous on it’s own, but the story gets better.

The white-hot-pant wearing mami has been identified as Filomena “Phyllis” Tobias, the widow (after one year of marriage) of hedge-fund millionaire and CNBC personality Seth Tobias. Their marriage was a relationship based on coke, pill-popping, booze and infidelity with a gay stripper named Tiger. It was a dream come true. The best part, Filomena was accused of murdering her fourth hubby after he was found floating dead in their pool and she inherited some serious cash-money. Stephen Rodrick of New York Magazine did an entire spread on Seth Tobias’ questionable death in 2008.

That’s a real quality Heat fan right there…

Thibs Finishes 8th in Coach of the Year Standings


How exactly did this happen? Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has faced more adversity the past year with his battered team than any of the competition, yet, he came in eighth in the rankings for coach of the year. That just can’t be right. I have some bones to pick with the panel of 121 sportswriters and broadcasters that voted this year.

Here are the official results:

coach of the year voting

Denver Nuggets coach George Karl winning the coach of the year award is fine and dandy. The Nuggets managed the No. 3 seed in the wild Western Conference without a “star” player and rarely lost at home (they went 38-3 at the Pepsi Center). Good work coach Karl you deserve the props.

HOWEVER – the fact that Erik Spoelstra came in second runner up is outrageous. We all know Miami went on a 27-game winning streak, yea yea, but the last time I checked it doesn’t take an amazing coach to come up with the play “give Lebron the ball.”

Don’t get me wrong, the other coaches are straight up guys. Mike Woodson taught the Knicks how to play a little defense, but he still had Carmelo Anthony as a consistent offensive weapon. Gregg Popovich is a very talented coach that seems to just keep getting better no matter how old his Spurs players get. Frank Vogel constructed the top ranked defense in the league that led the Pacers to a No. 3 seed in the East.

Despite the other coaches success, is it crazy of me to think Thibs deserves more credit than 8th place? The Bulls managed the No. 5 seed in the East without Derrick Rose and the majority of their starting lineup. Nate Robinson, the third string point guard, has been running the Bulls offense for the majority of the season. Thibodeau turned a group of misfit bench players into a unified team with the third best defense in the league. Not to mentioned this Bulls team managed to snap Miami’s 27-game winning streak. How can the king of defensive schemes come in 8th? I honestly thought he could pull off another Coach of the Year win.

I demand a re-vote!