Louisville’s Rick Pitino Is a Man of His Word and Gets Inked Up


If Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino makes a deal with his players – he keeps his end of the bargain. In this case, the promise was to get a tattoo if the Cardinals won the 2013 NCAA Championship. Welp, lucky for Pitino the birds were crowned the Champs at the beginning of April.

pitino-tattoo-louisvilleHe may be a 60-year-old grandpa of four, but that didn’t stop Pitino from getting his “Championship Tattoo”. It appears to say “2013 NCAA Champions” with a snazzy-looking Louisville “L” logo as well. They made sure to get the Championship trophy in the shot as well.

The deal was struck in the middle of the season when Pitino told his team if they won the tournament he’d get himself some ink. It may have started as a joke or motivational talk, but as the Cardinals banded together and upped the ante as the tournament unfolded, Pitino’s mid-season promise became a reality.

Will there be a tat-encore? The birds star guard Russ Smith decided to stay in the NCAA for another year so Louisville will still be a dominate force again in 2014. Will Pitino’s motivational tattoo become a tradition?

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