Louisville’s Rick Pitino Is a Man of His Word and Gets Inked Up


If Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino makes a deal with his players – he keeps his end of the bargain. In this case, the promise was to get a tattoo if the Cardinals won the 2013 NCAA Championship. Welp, lucky for Pitino the birds were crowned the Champs at the beginning of April.

pitino-tattoo-louisvilleHe may be a 60-year-old grandpa of four, but that didn’t stop Pitino from getting his “Championship Tattoo”. It appears to say “2013 NCAA Champions” with a snazzy-looking Louisville “L” logo as well. They made sure to get the Championship trophy in the shot as well.

The deal was struck in the middle of the season when Pitino told his team if they won the tournament he’d get himself some ink. It may have started as a joke or motivational talk, but as the Cardinals banded together and upped the ante as the tournament unfolded, Pitino’s mid-season promise became a reality.

Will there be a tat-encore? The birds star guard Russ Smith decided to stay in the NCAA for another year so Louisville will still be a dominate force again in 2014. Will Pitino’s motivational tattoo become a tradition?

Bulls Lead Series 2-1 After Squeaking Out Gritty Game 3 Win | SportsDivas Inc.

The United Center was rocking on Thursday night as the Bulls defeated the Brooklyn Nets 79-76 to gain a 2-1 series lead. Defense was on high speed and Chicago snatched the game 3 win, but it was by no means a pretty sight.Los Bulls started things off by digging themselves into a 15 point deficit, came back and took a comfortable lead, and then during a sloppy fourth quarter, let things get way too close for comfort. Let’s just say there’s definitely room for improvement for our Chicago Bulls. If you missed the emotional roller-coaster keep reading for key details from game 3.

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First Round Playoff Preview: Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets

If watching the Bulls has taken a back seat to other reality TV viewing this season, it’s time for you to jump back on the Bulls bandwagon.The NBA playoffs have finally arrived and the next month and a half of exciting playoff action is the ideal time to really tune in and pay attention.

It’s been a love-hate relationship for most of us Bulls fans this season, but the time has come to put the regular season behind us, strap on our best Bulls gear and BULLieve in our city’s team.

Despite the constant disappointing hype surrounding Derrick Rose’s return and the additional injuries to other starters, the men in red nabbed the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference and are heading to Brooklyn to get the post season started against the Nets this Saturday.

Brooklyn has home-court advantage in the first series, being the fourth seed, however the match-up is not unfavorable for the Bulls. Chicago took 3 of the 4 games against the Nets in the regular season – one coming just a few weeks ago while the Bulls were missing half their roster. This series will be a true test of the offensively powerful Nets and the defensively feisty Bulls.Can the “heart, hustle and muscle” pull off a first round win against the new-era Nets? Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau told ESPN he “likes his chances,” with the guys who have played all year. Let’s find out.

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Bulls March Report Card: C+

The month of March was ticking along like just an average month of late for the Bulls, full of ups and downs and sprinkled with some tough injuries, until they snapped the big bad Miami Heat’s 27 game winning streak. And like magic, the shorthanded Chicago Bulls gained a little bit of much-needed respect around the league.

As we begin the final month of the regular season, our Bulls have already clinched a playoff spot – not too shabby. Let’s re-cap what went down this past month. Remember ladies, these are excellent talking points for water coolers, cocktail parties and wherever else the Bulls are discussed.

The Good: Despite missing some key players due to injury, the team has glimmers of fabulousness when they play as a cohesive unit. Los Bulls were able to defeat the Heat without Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Marco Belinelli and Rip Hamilton.

Defense is the name Thibodeau’s game. The Bulls are still dominating on defense, only allowing 92.5 points a game (going strong at third best in the league).

The Bad: No sight of DRose. The Bulls star point guard has taken a cautious approach to his return to the lineup after undergoing serious ACL surgery last May. Even though Rose was cleared to play by the team’s doctors in March, he’s been very vocal about not suiting up until he feels 100%.

This is all fine and dandy, but it’s time to make an official statement – he’s either coming back or he’s not. If not for the fans, then for the mental sake of his teammates who are bombarded with “Derrick Rose return” questions on a daily basis.

The Bulls can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to injuries. Kirk Hinrich spent half of the month on the bench with his ailing injuries.  Rip Hamilton is out of the lineup with a back injury. Taj Gibson also missed more than half of the month with a knee injury. One of the toughest injuries has been Joakim Noah’s plantar fasciitis that has kept the heart of the Bulls hustle and muscle sidelined for the last few games.

Overall: Chicago is sixth in the East and won half of the games played in March. A 7-7 record constitutes a C average, but the Bulls get some extra credit for preventing the Heat from making NBA history. We give the men in red a C+.

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