5 Things the Bulls Need to Fix Before #TheReturn | SportsDivas Inc.

It’s been a full week since Derrick Rose was cleared to play, but instead of celebrating Bulls fans continue to be showered with more tough news as they patiently wait for his return. Even though he’s physically able to play, the megastar just isn’t mentally ready yet. Coach Thibodeau has preached patience to Chicago fans throughout the entire rehab process with the mantra of good things come to those who wait.

The latest setback in the Rose-return saga has to do with his hamstrings. On Sunday before the Lakers pounded the Bulls in LA, Rose let the media know that his hamstrings “are on fire” after every practice and until his hammies aren’t throbbing he won’t be returning to the lineup. In all fairness, the hamstrings are an extremely large muscle that support the knee ligaments and Rose is being cautious after a very serious knee injury.

On Tuesday Rose said,  “If I rush back and something was to happen, everyone would say, ‘Why did you rush back? So I’m just taking my time and being prepared and knowing when I come back I want to be 100 percent.’” The man has a point.

After some thought, I’ve decided that Rose’s return would absolutely spark the struggling Bulls roster – HOWEVER basketball is a team sport and one man cannot cure all the problems. If I were in Derrick’s shoes I would want my teammates to fix some of their troubles without me before I made my grand return to the court.

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