Lebron is Getting Harder to Hate


For the past few years every time someone mentioned “Lebron James” my blood would boil. It might have been the distasteful nationally aired “Decision” expo that sent me over the edge. It may have been the fact that he chose the Miami Heat out of all the teams in the league to play for. It may have been that I was just salty that he didn’t want to “bring his talents” to Chicago. Whatever the case – I was a King James HATER, but recently I’ve been finding it much more difficult to hold my grudge against the guy.

The first step was the adorable Samsung Galaxy commercial he put out starring himself, but more importantly his super cute little boys. You can’t help but smile at those guys drawing an afro on their dad’s picture.

Then TMZ leaks a photo of his recent “Save the Date” for Bron Bron’s destination wedding to fiancee Savannah Brinson in San Diego, CA. Again, I have to admit, I really like them. There’s even a fun caricature of James, Savannah and their 2 kiddos.


Lebron James is undeniably one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball. He’s averaging 27 points a game, 7.2 assists and 8.1 rebounds. This guy is the real deal when it comes to the NBA’s elitist league. I’ve never had a hard time respecting his talent, but now I think I might actually like him off the court. Do not misinterpret this post as my transition to becoming a Lebron fan, I will cheer for my Chicago Bulls through and through.

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