Bulls February Report Card: D

The Bulls clocked some major miles on the struggle bus this past February. After a red-hot January, the Bulls looked like a different team this past month, reminding fans of the harsh reality that there is still a lot of basketball to be won and lost. There was some good and way too much ugly to sum up the 28 frosty days Bulls fans would rather forget.  Let’s dive into it:

Good: Joakim Noah and Luol Deng made Chicago proud in their All-Star appearances. There’s nothing better than having two of the best representing your city.

The Bulls defense is still killing it, only allowing 91.2 points a game (3rd best in the league). If only their offense could follow suit.

Bad: Derrick Rose’s brother/manager Reggie Rose: Reggie opened his big mouth and toyed with our emotions. Because the Bulls didn’t make any big moves (trades/signings) to bolster their roster before the NBA Trade Deadline, Reggie accused the Bulls organization of not doing enough to build a team around Derrick and that their lack of attack to the Trade Deadline may very well cause DRose to sit out the whole season.

In one interview Reggie was able to completely insult the current Bulls roster (excluding Deng and Noah) as well as tarnish his brother’s reputation. The worst part of it all is that we still have no idea if Rose will actually return.

Ugly: The Bulls STRUGGLED offensively during February.  Whether it was a midseason slump or something in the locker room water, none of those men could get the ball in the basket.

The injury bug struck again last month with Kirk Hinrich’s elbow, Joakim Noah’s plantar fasciitis, Marco Belinelli’s ankle, Rip Hamilton’s various injuries and Taj Gibson’s knee. The Bulls are already shorthanded playing without star point guard Rose; we can’t afford to lose more of our core. Some think the rumor mill about Rose not returning at all this season started to take a toll on the Bulls’ mental toughness. In the end, the goal is still the same with or without Rose – play hard and win games.

Also, with Kirk Hinrich out of the lineup for 10 of the 13 games we didn’t have a solid point guard running the offense. There was a lot of sloppiness, followed by a lot of turnovers, resulting in some big losses.

Overall: Chicago stumbled out of February with a record of 33-25 on the season, second in the central division, but only won five games and dropped eight big ones in February. They didn’t beat any elite teams other than the Atlanta Hawks and instead the top teams (Spurs, Heat, Thunder, Pacers, Nuggets) made the Bulls pay the price for their struggles. With ample room for improvement we give the Bulls a D on the month.

Check out the whole report card at: Bulls February Report Card: D | SportsDivas Inc..

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