Phil Jackson’s Perfect Profile Picture

jackson's twitter

Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson joined twitter this past week (@PhilJackson11) and chose a sick picture as his default photo. The man has won quite a bit a BLING throughout his career – he has to double up on fingers to wear them all at once!

598184-phil-jacksonThe picture displays 11 championship rings. Jackson won six coaching Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the 1990s and five more from 1999 to 2010 as coach of the Lakers. It seems he forgot about his 12th title which he earned as a member of the 1972-73 Knicks.

In less than 24 hours Jackson picked up over 140,000 followers – not too shabby for a days work.

I wish 140,000 people cared about what I had to say on the micro-blog – a girl can dream.

STREAK SNAPPERS: Bulls Beat Heat 101-97


It was an un-BULL-ievable game, as our shorthanded Bulls crushed the Heat’s dreams of making NBA history with a 101-97 victory at the United Center last night. Who better to snap the Heat’s 27-game winning streak than their biggest Eastern Conference rivals? We don’t allow streaking at the Madhouse unless it’s by the home team!

To throw a little more salt into Miami’s wound, Wednesday’s win came on a night when Chicago was without star point guard Derrick Rose, All-Star center Joakim Noah and veteran shooting guard Rip Hamilton. How do you feel about that King James?

The UC was in a complete uproar as the final seconds ticked off the clock with chants of “End the Streak” and  ”Beat the Heat” echoing around the stadium. It was all heart, a lot of hustle and a little extra muscle by Chicago that left Miami challenged and frustrated. It’s time to dig into the details of this historic game that has left our city celebrating the day after.

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5 Things the Bulls Need to Fix Before #TheReturn | SportsDivas Inc.

It’s been a full week since Derrick Rose was cleared to play, but instead of celebrating Bulls fans continue to be showered with more tough news as they patiently wait for his return. Even though he’s physically able to play, the megastar just isn’t mentally ready yet. Coach Thibodeau has preached patience to Chicago fans throughout the entire rehab process with the mantra of good things come to those who wait.

The latest setback in the Rose-return saga has to do with his hamstrings. On Sunday before the Lakers pounded the Bulls in LA, Rose let the media know that his hamstrings “are on fire” after every practice and until his hammies aren’t throbbing he won’t be returning to the lineup. In all fairness, the hamstrings are an extremely large muscle that support the knee ligaments and Rose is being cautious after a very serious knee injury.

On Tuesday Rose said,  “If I rush back and something was to happen, everyone would say, ‘Why did you rush back? So I’m just taking my time and being prepared and knowing when I come back I want to be 100 percent.’” The man has a point.

After some thought, I’ve decided that Rose’s return would absolutely spark the struggling Bulls roster – HOWEVER basketball is a team sport and one man cannot cure all the problems. If I were in Derrick’s shoes I would want my teammates to fix some of their troubles without me before I made my grand return to the court.

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Emery Rocked the Free Agency Boat for Bears

Bears new players

Touche Mr. Emery! After last year we had a feeling you were a shaker-and-maker type of guy and you’ve proved us right again. On Tuesday the Chicago Bears picked up not one, but TWO fantastic additions to their offense on the first day of free agency. On Wednesday the Bears welcomed left tackle Jermon Bushrod and tight end Martellus Bennett at Halas Hall.

bushrod w breesBushrod is a two-time Pro Bowler, has a Super Bowl ring under his belt from 2009 and has been anchoring the Saint’s offensive line the past four seasons. You haven’t seen Drew Brees get creamed in every game and this guy is one of the reasons why. We have to keep our QB standing to keep the offense moving and Bushrod is an immediate improvement for Jay Cutler.

Bennett is the complete package – a tight end that can block and CATCH the ball. He set career highs with 55 receptions, 626 yards and five touchdowns last season with the Giants. YES PLEASE! With the addition of Bennett the Bears said goodbye to both Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth (no tears were shed here).

With the two free agency pickups the Bears got themselves some legitimate players, addressed immediate holes in their offense and also gave themselves some flexibility in the upcoming draft (4/25-4/27).  Cutty gives two thumbs up!

cutler smiling

Cutler smiles are hard to find

Rose Stays True to His Hometown | SportsDivas Inc.

Derrick Rose may not have been able to help the Chicago Bulls on the court this season, but he’s always willing to help his city. Chitown’s megastar never ceases to amaze us. On Wednesday Rose shed a glimpse of his humanity and gave us all another reason to love the NBA star.

By now most of us know DRose’s background story. A Chicago native, born and raised in Chicago’s South Side Englewood neighborhood, a place most notorious for gun and gang-related violence. Because of his close knit family Rose was able to grow up safe and sound and go on to become the star point guard he is today. He knows firsthand not everyone on the South Side can be as fortunate.

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Lebron is Getting Harder to Hate


For the past few years every time someone mentioned “Lebron James” my blood would boil. It might have been the distasteful nationally aired “Decision” expo that sent me over the edge. It may have been the fact that he chose the Miami Heat out of all the teams in the league to play for. It may have been that I was just salty that he didn’t want to “bring his talents” to Chicago. Whatever the case – I was a King James HATER, but recently I’ve been finding it much more difficult to hold my grudge against the guy.

The first step was the adorable Samsung Galaxy commercial he put out starring himself, but more importantly his super cute little boys. You can’t help but smile at those guys drawing an afro on their dad’s picture.

Then TMZ leaks a photo of his recent “Save the Date” for Bron Bron’s destination wedding to fiancee Savannah Brinson in San Diego, CA. Again, I have to admit, I really like them. There’s even a fun caricature of James, Savannah and their 2 kiddos.


Lebron James is undeniably one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball. He’s averaging 27 points a game, 7.2 assists and 8.1 rebounds. This guy is the real deal when it comes to the NBA’s elitist league. I’ve never had a hard time respecting his talent, but now I think I might actually like him off the court. Do not misinterpret this post as my transition to becoming a Lebron fan, I will cheer for my Chicago Bulls through and through.

Bulls February Report Card: D

The Bulls clocked some major miles on the struggle bus this past February. After a red-hot January, the Bulls looked like a different team this past month, reminding fans of the harsh reality that there is still a lot of basketball to be won and lost. There was some good and way too much ugly to sum up the 28 frosty days Bulls fans would rather forget.  Let’s dive into it:

Good: Joakim Noah and Luol Deng made Chicago proud in their All-Star appearances. There’s nothing better than having two of the best representing your city.

The Bulls defense is still killing it, only allowing 91.2 points a game (3rd best in the league). If only their offense could follow suit.

Bad: Derrick Rose’s brother/manager Reggie Rose: Reggie opened his big mouth and toyed with our emotions. Because the Bulls didn’t make any big moves (trades/signings) to bolster their roster before the NBA Trade Deadline, Reggie accused the Bulls organization of not doing enough to build a team around Derrick and that their lack of attack to the Trade Deadline may very well cause DRose to sit out the whole season.

In one interview Reggie was able to completely insult the current Bulls roster (excluding Deng and Noah) as well as tarnish his brother’s reputation. The worst part of it all is that we still have no idea if Rose will actually return.

Ugly: The Bulls STRUGGLED offensively during February.  Whether it was a midseason slump or something in the locker room water, none of those men could get the ball in the basket.

The injury bug struck again last month with Kirk Hinrich’s elbow, Joakim Noah’s plantar fasciitis, Marco Belinelli’s ankle, Rip Hamilton’s various injuries and Taj Gibson’s knee. The Bulls are already shorthanded playing without star point guard Rose; we can’t afford to lose more of our core. Some think the rumor mill about Rose not returning at all this season started to take a toll on the Bulls’ mental toughness. In the end, the goal is still the same with or without Rose – play hard and win games.

Also, with Kirk Hinrich out of the lineup for 10 of the 13 games we didn’t have a solid point guard running the offense. There was a lot of sloppiness, followed by a lot of turnovers, resulting in some big losses.

Overall: Chicago stumbled out of February with a record of 33-25 on the season, second in the central division, but only won five games and dropped eight big ones in February. They didn’t beat any elite teams other than the Atlanta Hawks and instead the top teams (Spurs, Heat, Thunder, Pacers, Nuggets) made the Bulls pay the price for their struggles. With ample room for improvement we give the Bulls a D on the month.

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