NBA Trade Deadlines, Salary Caps & Luxury Tax Defined

Let the gossip and rumors begin…it’s officially the countdown to the NBA Trade Deadline. With the NBA All Star break wrapping up this weekend, NBA players and fans will now wait for the official NBA Trade Deadline that falls this Thursday, February 21st. If terms like “Trade Deadlines”, “Salary Caps” and “Luxury Tax” mean absolutely nothing to you, then read on to learn about these important rules and benchmarks that govern the NBA and make this time of year so exciting.

The process of trading and negotiating for players before the deadline is complex. The NBA has a ton of rules and regulations that teams are required to abide by – it’s not as easy as picking two players and swapping them out.  But, as an NBA fan, it’s something you need to be familiar with to understand the overall strategy and actions teams take this time of year. I’ve cut through all of the rules and details to deliver the most important details with some real life equivalents. Take a look…

NBA Trade Deadlines, Salary Caps & Luxury Tax Defined | SportsDivas Inc..

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