Bulls Style: Then and Now

Throughout the years we’ve had a number of iconic Chicago Bulls representing our fine city. Along with the celebrity baller status comes bold fashion choices that are often scrutinized by the media for all of us to see. From Jordan to Rodman to Noah, players seem to be remembered as much by their personal style as they are for their All Star selections and playoff appearances.

Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable Bulls’ style and how it has changed over the years.

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Big Brothers With Big Mouths Cause Big Problems

NBA: Derrick Rose Rehabilitation

Looks like Derrick Rose’s big brother/mentor/manager Reggie has got himself a big mouth. On Thursday afternoon Reggie told Scott Powers of ESPNChicago.com that the Bulls organization hasn’t done enough to build a team around Derrick and that their lack of attack to the trade deadline may very well cause DRose to sit out the whole season. In one interview it seems as though Reggie was able to completely insult the current Bulls roster as well as tarnish his brothers reputation.

reggie rose“It’s frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him,” Reggie Rose said.

Well Reggie, it’s frustrating to listen to you trash talk Derrick’s team. Reggie said those were his words and not his brothers, but we know he’s a big influence over his little bro.

Aside from Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, who Reggie singled out as great players, big brother threw the rest of the team under the bus. I’m wondering if shoot-around before the Heat game was a little awkward?

Derrick came out later and said that his personal goals as well as the organization’s goals remain the same – bringing an NBA title to Chicago outside of the Jordan era.

Any Bulls fan would have embraced a big move before the trade deadline. What basketball fan wouldn’t want another superstar on the team? We want to be able to defeat Maimi in a seven game series, BUT basketball is a business and there’s more to it that getting what you want dear Reggie. There are rules with salary caps and luxury taxes. Unfortunately, the Bulls weren’t in a position where they could make a move that would be worth it. No one wants Boozer’s contract and J.J. Redick had potential to be really expensive later on. Also, the Lakers this season have proven that sometimes even a superstar studded roster can’t get the job done (sorry Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard).

Charles Barkley shared his thoughts during the halftime show on TNT Thursday night, ““His brother needs to shut the hell up, number one,” Barkley said. “Listen man, I’m going to make one of the rules, when I’m king of the world — which is never gonna happen — hey man, we don’t care about your mom, your dad, your brothers and sisters. Stop tweeting. As Herm Edwards would say, ‘Don’t push send.’ Nobody cares what you think. If a reporter calls you, he wants you to say something bad about somebody else, so don’t be a damn idiot. Stop tweeting about coaches and players and stuff. Let the famous person be famous. You just shut the hell up.” He then proceeded to pass the spotlight to Ernie Johnson will saying “My bad.”

I know it was a rant, but I have to agree with Mr. Barkley. Last time I checked Reggie Rose isn’t the Bulls franchise player. He’s not a previous NBA MVP. Actually, he’s just an average guy from Englewood who has an unbelievably talented brother. I get it, Reggie has spent his life protecting Derrick and making sure he made it to the big leagues safe and sound. Family comes first always, but sometimes you need to know when to keep your trap shut.

I’m going to keep believing Derrick Rose will return to the court when he knows he’s ready and the only person who can decide that is Rose himself. I think the rest of us, including Reggie, need to just shut up and wait it out. I’ve got my patient pants on over here.

AARP Delivers MJ A Birthday Gift

MJ AARPIf you missed the media hoopla the past few days, the legendary Michael Jordan turned 50 years old this weekend. As this basketball icon was celebrating his day of birth being showered with TV specials illustrating his unbelievable career, AARP gave MJ the greatest gift of all- a big slap in the face reminding him he’s over the hill and retired. Forget the cover of Sports Illustrated highlighting the talented athlete he is – instead he gets his membership to AARP and lands the cover of AARP Magazine. MJ officially gets his senior citizen discount.

Did you know AARP Magazine is the largest circulated magazine in the United States? So TECHNICALLY it’s a bigger honor that Sports Illustrated. I bet the non-egotistical best basketball player of all time was just thrilled to receive this honor…#airgoesAARP

AARP tweet

Well Happy Belated Birthday MJ. You were absolutely my favorite player of all time. Let’s end on a positive note and honor #23 the way we should.

NBA Trade Deadlines, Salary Caps & Luxury Tax Defined

Let the gossip and rumors begin…it’s officially the countdown to the NBA Trade Deadline. With the NBA All Star break wrapping up this weekend, NBA players and fans will now wait for the official NBA Trade Deadline that falls this Thursday, February 21st. If terms like “Trade Deadlines”, “Salary Caps” and “Luxury Tax” mean absolutely nothing to you, then read on to learn about these important rules and benchmarks that govern the NBA and make this time of year so exciting.

The process of trading and negotiating for players before the deadline is complex. The NBA has a ton of rules and regulations that teams are required to abide by – it’s not as easy as picking two players and swapping them out.  But, as an NBA fan, it’s something you need to be familiar with to understand the overall strategy and actions teams take this time of year. I’ve cut through all of the rules and details to deliver the most important details with some real life equivalents. Take a look…

NBA Trade Deadlines, Salary Caps & Luxury Tax Defined | SportsDivas Inc..

Cutler, the King of Romance

Does Jay want us to dislike him? After ranking #4 on Forbes 10 Most Disliked Athletes list (the steroid using Lance Armstrong, catfished Manti Te’o and womanizing Tiger Woods topped the list) that surfaced Monday, Mr. Jay Cutler has given the people of America another reason to judge him.

According to Kristin Cavallari, the ever smooth and romantic Bears’ Quarterback proposed via text message and then she received her engagement ring in the mail a few days later. Way to put your faith in the American Postal Service Cutty…

As I’m sure you know the couple first got engaged in April of 2011, but then broke things off in July of 2011. They rekindled their flame in November of 2011 and had their first baby (Camden – love that name) in August 2012.

When asked about the second engagement Cavallari said, “It was so silly. I was in the airport, leaving Chicago. We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like, ‘Oh, shall we get married?’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ And then he sent my ring in the mail. So I actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple of weeks before I put it on.” Why don’t you just take our breath away Jay?

Keep your eyes peeled, this “fairytale” romance may finally make it to the altar. The couple has apparently chosen a date for 2013, colors and have people booked according to the former Hills star.

jay cutlerBears fans WANT to like you. Why do you have to make it so hard for us buddy?

Bulls January Report Card: A

The heart, hustle and muscle of the Bulls continues to defy all expectations this NBA season. If you’ve been waiting for Rose’s return before truly paying attention to the Bulls, it’s time to buckle in and start believing because the Chicago Bulls have proven that they are the real deal – with or without Derrick Rose.

Our Bulls wrapped up January winning 12 of their 16 games, they’re 29-18, and third in the Eastern Conference. Not too shabby for a team missing their star player. Let’s breakdown the Bulls fierce start of 2013.

The Good: January was a monster month for the Bulls with 16 games and a flurry of activity. The Bulls are sending two players to the NBA All-Star game for the second year in row. Joakim Noah was elected to his first All-Star slot and Luol Deng is making a back-to-back All-Star appearance.

Derrick Rose is closer than ever to his return to the court. Throughout January the star worked his way up to consistently practicing with full contact. What does this mean? Our DRose lovin’ minds can barely contain our happiness because the point guard could potentially come back sometime in February or March.

For the first time in a Bulls uniform Carlos Boozer is playing to his true potential. The Booze Cruise demolished the month of January (before his hamstring injury in the final week). Boozer’s play is a definite threat to other teams. He’s big, he can shoot, and now his defense is finally getting dirty. The Bulls have a true power forward in their starting lineup for the first time in 3 years.

The team really started to dominate the East when the Bulls’ bench clicked. We’ve got flashes of the Bench Mob back in action. Jimmy Butler isn’t a NBA rookie anymore – he’s made a big splash off the bench. Nasty Nate Robinson is still taking some crazy shots, but he’s also racking up the points. Marco Belinelli continues to surprise us with his smooth jump-shots and improved defense and Taj Gibson has added plenty of dirty dunks.

The Bad: Inconsistency still haunts the Bulls. They endured a rough loss to the Washington Wizards on the road. It might have been an away game, but the Wizards are the worst team in the league – no excuses.

Overall Assessment:  January was absolutely the best month yet for the Bulls. Chicago was 12-4 for the month and gave a new breath of hope to all Bulls fans. If the Bulls can keep playing at the same caliber, 2013 is going to be a beautiful year. Coach Tom Thibodeau has done it again and this time he took his misfit players and transformed them into another stifling defensive team.

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