Is Urlacher’s Injury Potentially the End of an Era?


Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher has been sidelined indefinitely with a Grade 2 hamstring tear. An injury to this extent generally keeps players out 2-4 weeks, meaning Urlacher will likely miss three of the Bears final four games. It is possible Urlacher could return come playoffs, but at the age of 34, which is basically ancient in NFL years, we’re just not sure how quickly his body will recover. It’s also very possible that without their fearless defensive leader on the field, the Bears could miss the playoffs all together – I’m going to try and keep things positive here.

urlacher-bears-apInjuries happen so frequently in football, I feel as a society of fans we’ve almost become numb to them, but when a player of Urlacher’s caliber goes down it’s like a dark storm cloud looms over Bears football.

With a potential season ending injury, I can’t help but wonder, could this be the end of number 54’s era in Chicago?

Urlacher’s contract is up at the end of the season and there haven’t been any rumblings of contract negotiations for the 8-time Pro-Bowler. We know the NFL is a cold, hard world where performance is everything and although his numbers are still impressive, Urlacher seems to have been playing in the shadow of himself this season. He’s been called for hoarse collar penalties in his last two games, which seems very unfitting of the biggest tackling monster in the midfield.

Who knows what the future will hold for Urlacher and the Bears, but I hope his last game in a Bears uniform wasn’t the loss against the Seattle Seahawks. The future Hall-of-Famer deserves better than that. Get well Mr. Urlacher!

Brian Urlacher


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