Old-School NBA Rivalry: Bulls vs Knicks Cheat Sheet

It’s time to add a little fuel to the fire in one of the NBA’s oldest rivalries as the Bulls head to New York to face the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks are looking to avenge a loss suffered to Chicago earlier in December, but this time they won’t be missing their main man Carmelo Anthony. With Melo on the court, New York has a definite advantage, but you can’t count the Bulls out as they’ve been able to compete with the elite despite being shorthanded.

New York is still leadin

g the Eastern Conference at 19-6 and have continued to prove themselves worthy of their new-found success throughout this season. Chicago is leading the Central Division in the East at 14-10 and have played much better than anticipated thus far as they are missing super-star Derrick Rose. Bring on the Big Apple!

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Jabari Parker Makes His Collegiate Choice


Simeon basketball star Jabari Parker has accomplished quite a bit at the age of 18. He’s ranked no. 2 in the country, he’s already had his own spread in Sports Illustratedbeen named the Gatorade National Player of the Year and is one of the most anticipated high school players since Lebron James. Last night Parker finally made his collegiate decision and our Chicago native has decided to play basketball for Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils next year.

6634_10151197712561429_1404530589_nThey were all lined up like ducks in a row, a Stanford hat, a Michigan State hat, a Florida hat,   a Duke hat, and BYU hat. Media was literally almost drooling to see which brim Parker put on his head. In the end, Duke represented the “best fit” for the young player’s talents, personality, and academic goals.

To Jabari the quality of the education he will receive is just as important as the quality of competition he’ll see on the basketball court.

During his Thursday afternoon press conference Parker said, “It’s been a blessing just to get an opportunity to be able to go to school for free. It’s a good thing for me as well as my family to be able to save them a couple of dollars in their pocket.” I don’t think he’s looked at the bigger picture yet…if he performs up to expectations he’ll be able to pay for 100 kids tuition with his NBA salary. What a modest young guy.

images (3)One thing that sets Parker apart from the rest of the new recruits is his devote Mormon faith. At the end of his freshman year in college Jabari will have to decide whether he will declare for the NBA draft or—like thousands of other Mormon men who turn 19—embark on a two-year mission to spread the faith in the U.S. or a foreign country. This missionary service is considered an obligatory “priesthood duty” in the Mormon faith.

That’s a pretty tough decision for someone with such strong religious beliefs. We’ll all see what Jabari chooses when the time comes even though we all know deep down inside he follows in the footsteps of Derrick Rose and choose to play for his hometown Chicago Bulls :-).

Bulls Weekend Round-Up: Big Brooklyn Win & Injury Reports

Tis’ the season to Bullieve! Yet again, our Chicago Bulls were able to silence the critics and squeeze out another shorthanded nail-biter against the Brooklyn Nets Saturday at the United Center. The Nets – who recently updated their location to Brooklyn (they used to dwell over the entire state of New Jersey) are one of the biggest surprises of the Eastern conference this season and were expected to take this one away from the Bulls. Despite Deron Williams’ three-pointer at the buzzer, Marco Belinelli’s sweet shooting allowed Chicago to walk away with an 83-82 win.

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Bulls Weekend Round-Up: Big Brooklyn Win & Injury Reports | SportsDivas Inc..

Is Urlacher’s Injury Potentially the End of an Era?


Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher has been sidelined indefinitely with a Grade 2 hamstring tear. An injury to this extent generally keeps players out 2-4 weeks, meaning Urlacher will likely miss three of the Bears final four games. It is possible Urlacher could return come playoffs, but at the age of 34, which is basically ancient in NFL years, we’re just not sure how quickly his body will recover. It’s also very possible that without their fearless defensive leader on the field, the Bears could miss the playoffs all together – I’m going to try and keep things positive here.

urlacher-bears-apInjuries happen so frequently in football, I feel as a society of fans we’ve almost become numb to them, but when a player of Urlacher’s caliber goes down it’s like a dark storm cloud looms over Bears football.

With a potential season ending injury, I can’t help but wonder, could this be the end of number 54’s era in Chicago?

Urlacher’s contract is up at the end of the season and there haven’t been any rumblings of contract negotiations for the 8-time Pro-Bowler. We know the NFL is a cold, hard world where performance is everything and although his numbers are still impressive, Urlacher seems to have been playing in the shadow of himself this season. He’s been called for hoarse collar penalties in his last two games, which seems very unfitting of the biggest tackling monster in the midfield.

Who knows what the future will hold for Urlacher and the Bears, but I hope his last game in a Bears uniform wasn’t the loss against the Seattle Seahawks. The future Hall-of-Famer deserves better than that. Get well Mr. Urlacher!

Brian Urlacher


Injuries Continue to Plague Bears – Good As Gould Placed on IR


It seems like injuries have yet again put the Bears in a sticky situation as the season dies down and the crucial final games approach. As the injuries pile high, our playoff hopes begin to dwindle. Chicago was forced to place the most reliable player on their team, Robbie Gould, on injured reserve Tuesday after he suffered a left calf muscle injury during the pregame warm-up against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday. Since the Bears are battling it out for the top spot in the NFC North this is not the time for a season-ending injury. Bah, humbug I say.

Panthers training camp16-year veteran, Olindo Mare was signed by the Bears after he won a tryout at Halas Hall Tuesday. Mare has some big shoes to fill as Gould is the fourth-most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history at 85.6 percent. Mare has moved around quite a bit in his career playing for the Carolina Panthers last season, as well as the Seahawks, Saints and Dolphins. He’s not a terrible kicker, with an 81.2 percent rating over the last 15 seasons, but as we know our Bears offense can sometime struggle with the whole “touchdown” idea and we heavily rely on our kicker to produce field goals from 35-50 yard range.

The injuries are really racking up for the Bears as the season winds down. We lost the heart and soul of the defense when middle linebacker Brian Urlacher tore his hamstring. Cornerback Tim Jennings is still recovering from a dislocated right shoulder he suffered against the Seahawks, but he’s optimistic about the Green Bay Packers game this weekend. The list doesn’t end there, defensive tackle Stephen Paea has an injured foot, defensive tackle Henry Melton injured his shoulder against the Vikes, defensive end Shea McClellin suffered a sprained MCL in the loss to the Vikings as well, but hopes to return soon. Just a few more to go, reserve safety Craig Steltz has a chest injury and cornerback Sherrick McManis injured his knee. Both Steltz and McManis are joining Robbie on the IR. *Fun fact: When placed on injured reserve a player must remain there for eight weeks before returning. Thus, none of the Bears players will be returning this year since their injuries happened too late in the season.

Basically, the Bears special teams and defense are in shambles heading into week 15 against the Packers. Hopefully Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs and Peanut Tillman can hold down the fort against the Pack.

High Flying LA Clippers Defeat Bulls 94-89

Lob City invaded Chi City Tuesday night to grind out a 94-89 win over the Chicago Bulls, putting a kabosh on the Bulls three-game winning streak and extending their own to seven games. The Bulls fought a tough battle all night and were able to keep up with the high-flying fast paced Clippers throughout the game, but in the end the Bulls didn’t have enough firepower in the final minutes to defeat the Clip-show. Despite a loss, the Bulls’ performance was a huge improvement from the 20 point romping they received from LA earlier this season. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly went down on the floor of the UC during this showdown.

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High Flying LA Clippers Defeat Bulls 94-89 | SportsDivas Inc..

Get to Know the Bulls Biggest Rivals in the East

Know thy enemy. Keeping up with your Chicago Bulls is crucial to being a devoted fan, but to achieve the ultimate baller-babe status you must also be knowledgeable about the entirety of their Eastern Conference and fiercest competitors. Let’s break it down!

The beasts of the east are separated into three divisions: Atlantic, Central and South East. The Bulls exist within the Central division with the Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers. Although division rivalries are generally the biggest, plenty of other rivalries develop throughout the years especially during playoff games. Each year only one Eastern Conference team fights their way through conference playoffs and makes their way to the NBA Championship round.

It seems within the NBA rivalries change most frequently depending on what players are on the team. For instance, back in the ’90s with MJ and Scotty Pippen the Bulls and the New York Knicks had a crazy rivalry, but today the teams just get down to business when they meet on the court.  Same goes for the Bulls and the Detroit Pistons, during and after their Championship in 2004 Chicago played hard against the top dogs. Now that the Pistons have fallen to the bottom of the conference it seems the rivalry has fizzled out.

Rivalries add the story lines to sports and make them that much more fun to watch.  Get in the know this season and be aware of which teams to pay special attention to. Here the Bulls top Eastern Conference foes in 2012:

Get to Know the Bulls Biggest Rivals in the East | SportsDivas Inc..