Bull’s Bench Lead 101-78 Blowout Against Mavericks

Well, well, how things can change in a single game! The United Center was in an uproar Wednesday night, and it wasn’t just because fans were getting Big Macs. The Bulls bench sparked a 101-78 spanking over the Mavericks and damn, was it refreshing to watch. After blowing a 27 point lead to the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, coach Thibodeau knew some serious changes needed to be made with his lineup and time management. Chicago needed a comeback win in a big way and the basketball gods answered our prayers. Must know water cooler details on the Bull’s face-saving come-back below at SportsDivasInc.com!

Bull’s Bench Lead 101-78 Blowout Against Mavericks | SportsDivas Inc..

#Chuckstrong Colts Cheerleaders

Blue shaving Megan’s head

Cheerleaders rule – especially when they shave their heads in support of leukemia research. On Sunday afternoon Blue (the Indianapolis Colts mascot) shaved two Indy cheerleaders heads during the team’s 20-13 win over the visiting Buffalo Bills.

Megan and Courtney Ann are the latest Indy supporters to shave their heads since Colt’s head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this season. The hair shaving trend all started after many of the players went hairless to support their coach who had lost his hair after undergoing treatment. This weekend Blue tweeted at the team’s cheerleaders and asked if they were willing to do the same if he could raise $10,000 for leukemia research.

Coach Pagano was in attendance at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday to witness this touching act of solidarity by his team’s cheerleaders. The continued support of players, fans and members of the Colts organization on and off the field have made #chuckstrong a meaninful campaign nationally.

Da Coach is Back on His Feet

Mike Ditka aka “Iron Mike” or “Da Coach” was back on the airwaves Monday night after suffering a minor stroke on Friday – what a beast! The 73-year-old Bears Hall of Famer and former Bears coach sounded just like himself predicting a “Bears win” on Monday Night Football (it’s really too bad they couldn’t pull off a win for Ditka).

Ditka told the Chicago Tribune, “I’m fine, really, I feel good. I’m not ready to run a marathon or anything, but everything is back to normal. He later said, “but I feel pretty darned good. I’m Iron Mike … c’mon!”

Where do I get this sweater?

It was a normal Sunday for the legend, just playing cards at a suburban country club with friends. Ditka noticed something was wrong when he kept dropping the cards and had a hard time speaking. He suffered the stroke in the back left side of his brain, but he said he hasn’t had an after-effects from the event. Ditka was released from the hospital Sunday as his upbeat self.

Not that I thought Ditka wouldn’t beat the pants out of his stroke, it’s definitely reassuring to know he’s doing so well.

“We have no guarantees,” Ditka said. “I’ve been here 73 years. It’s been a great 73 years. I’ve been blessed. If it ended tomorrow, I have no complains. But we have no control over that.  I hope to stick around another 73.” So do we Iron Mike!

One of my favorite Ditka tweets

Bulls Weekend Round-up; Circus Trip Disaster

After back-to-back games this weekend both the Clippers and Trail Blazers were able to grab the Bulls by the horns and tame our team easily. Saturday’s match-up against the Los Angeles Clippers ended in a 101-80 blowout and Sunday night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers was a 102-94 romping. It feels like we’ve gone from having the strongest bench in the NBA with the “Bench Mob” last season, to having the “Bench Slobs” who easily give up leads and are sloppy at the rim. We’re 10 games into the season and the Bulls are sitting 5-5, yes things could be much worse, but Chicago is playing like a middle of the road team – which isn’t going to cut it for long!

Check out the whole recap at SportsDivas Inc!

Bulls Weekend Round-up; Circus Trip Disaster | SportsDivas Inc..

Tillman Welcomes Another Peanut to the Family

Congratulations are in order for Bears stud cornerback Charles “Peanut” Tillman again. This time it’s not football related, he and his wife Jackie welcomed a baby girl to their family on Monday.

Peanut announced their fourth little nugget’s arrival by Tweeting:

The actual date of the baby’s birth caused a bit of a ruckus in Chicago earlier last week when Tillman said he could potentially miss the Texans game if his wife went into labor. Teammate and proud papa Jay Cutler had Peanut’s back explaining he wouldn’t have wanted to miss his son being born either because it’s such a special moment. In the end, Tillman was able to play in the most boring game of the season AND make the birth of his little girl.

Peanut has been terrorizing the offenses of the NFL this season. He’s currently in a postion to be slated for Defensive Player of the Year.

Durant,Thunder Pull Off Late 97-91 Victory at the UC | SportsDivas Inc.

Things got real on a national stage during Thursday night’s showdown between the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder. For 48 minutes the Bulls gave the Thunder a competitive game, but in the end OKC’s 97-91 victory came down to their endurance and reliable closers. Let’s just say Kevin Durant was Mr. Clutch.

Despite a loss, the Bulls proved they could hang with the big dogs of the NBA even while Derrick Rose rehabs his knee. However, they need to determine which player will become their “go to man” in do or die situations. It was a high intensity game, but niether team executed a flawless performance as there were a combined 43 turnovers committed – can we clean up the sloppy mess, por favor? Get your Bulls-Thunder highlights on SportsDivas Inc!

Durant,Thunder Pull Off Late 97-91 Victory at the UC | SportsDivas Inc..

Urlacher Picks Up Sixth NFC Defensive Player of the Week Honor

Hootie-whoo! Keep the defensive madness rolling! Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week for week 9 after his impressive performance against the Tennessee Titans.

In a single game the veteran racked up a 46-yard Pick-6, seven tackles, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. I think he’s feeling healthy again :-).

Urlacher is the second Bear to win the weekly award this season, he joins Charles Tillman, who has locked it up twice thus far in 2012.

Just throw a cherry to the top of that success cake, cornerback Sherrick McManis nabbed NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Week 9. His blocked punt during the first quarter led to defensive end Corey Wootton’s five yard touchdown (he scooped up that loose ball and brought it in for a TD).

I’d say it was a pretty great week to be a Bear!