Adam Dunn 2012 Comeback Player of the Year

It looks like one good thing came out of Adam Dunn’s abysmal 2011 season, he has been deemed the 2012 Comeback Player of the Year.  It’s not a championship ring/title for the Chicago White Sox first baseman/designated hitter, but I would say it’s something to be proud of.

“I’m sure my (family) really enjoys it more than I do,” Dunn said. “I don’t really play for (awards), I play for one thing (championships) and if I don’t get it than it is all for naught. I am very appreciative of this award but I really wish I would have never won it because you have to have the bad go with the good,” he told ESPN Chicago. 

Dunn suffered an oblique strain injury at the end of the season and was not pleased with the Sox’s unsatisfying finish as well as his own inability to help the team. Not only did the Sox miss the playoffs, but they have to watch their rivaled Detroit Tigers advance all the way to the World Series (Game 1 against the San Francisco Giants starts tonight). Yuck!

His resurgence was refreshing since Dunn signed a four-year $56 million deal before the 2011 season – and then he stunk. Although he had a MUCH better year, Dunn still has some areas he’d like to improve on: driving the ball to the opposite field more frequently and cutting down his strikeouts. His 222 strikeouts in 2012 were the most in a single season in American League history.

Congratulations Dunn! Hopefully next season the White Sox can make it into the postseason for ya :-).

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