Coach Thibs is here to Stay

Well Well, the Bulls kicked off their 2012 Media Day with a bang by signing Head Coach Tom Thibodeau to a four-year contract extension. Get ‘um Thibs!

Coach Thibodeau became the Bulls head coach in June of 2010 and made himself a presence in the NBA quickly by tying the record of most wins for a rookie coach and becoming the 2010-2011 NBA Coach of the Year (he was second runner up in 2012 too). Thibs didn’t stop there. He led the Bulls to another top record in the Eastern Conference in 2012 (before the injury bug brutally demolished all hopes of playoff advancement) and he became the fastest coach in NBA history to reach 100 career wins and did it within 130 games!

I agree with Derrick Rose, Coach Tom Thibodeau is someone the Bulls need to keep around for a while. Congrats Thibs, we’re happy to have you for four more years!

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