Top Reasons Women Should Play Fantasy Football

Fantasy football gives you abs like this girl – just kidding

As a brand new NFL season approaches, fantasy football (ff) fanatics all over the country are coming out of the woodwork from their long off-season lulls and preparing for their annual fantasy football drafts. They spend hours studying statistics (much harder than any of them did in college) searching for potential sleepers and busts. Each week they’ll clock countless hours cheering on their players and after 17 weeks of competition, a fantasy champion will be crowned – virtual gridiron glory.

Who are the majority of these fanatics? Men. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, over 23.4 million people play fantasy football, and women only account for approximately 20% of that number. So get off the sidelines and jump into a fantasy league this season! Honestly, what do you have to lose? Now don’t go joining some league that costs $150 to enter as a rookie or anything! You still have some time left as the last day to draft is next week! Get your ladies together or take a leap into a COED league and give it a shot!

Here’s a little fantasy football 101 for any newbies:

  1. Something to look forward to each week:
    As fall approaches and our summer Fridays cease to exist, playing fantasy football gives you an extra little pep in your step throughout the week to compliment those pumpkin spiced lattes.
  2. Learn the game:
    Women rarely have the opportunity to play the physical sport of football and thus never truly learn the inner intricacies of the game. Although fantasy is absolutely not the “real deal” it gives women a reason to pay attention to the league, learn the importance of positions, and ultimately have an overall better understanding of the guys out there throwing around pigskin each weekend.
  3. Draft Day Adrenaline Rush:
    Watching the clock tick down to the final seconds before your draft begins gives you that brief adrenaline rush that’s good for the soul. Everyone wants to draft the best compiled team. Waiting and grabbing your next best player keeps your blood flowing and your heart pounding.
  4. The perfect excuse for a Sunday-Funday:
    Since you’ll draft players all over the NFL you’ll need access to multiple TVs playing all of the football games to keep an eye on your favorite guys. Obviously your favorite sports bar is the best place for this type of viewing! Bring on 17 weeks of Sunday-fundays!
  5. Football knowledge gives you the upper hand man-hunting:
    For all you single ladies looking to mingle, sports knowledge – specifically football facts are a huge turn on for guys. They eat it up! Even for you committed ladies, your man may get a little extra sparkle in his eyes if he hears you yelling about your running back fumbling the ball on a Sunday afternoon (or Thursday night and Monday night).
  6. Be included in the office chit-chat:
    The workplace is generally the perfect place to create a league. As most of the men in the office are probably fantasy participants, being in your own league will give you reason to chat it up with your male co-workers. Who wouldn’t want to be the bad-ass chick gaining popularity with the male population in the office?
  7. Release your competitive prowess:
    Women can compete with the best of them. Give us the tools, stats and rankings (which online fantasy programs do so well) and I bet we can come up with some rather successful teams. Who doesn’t like to win? And honestly, so much of fantasy has to do with luck rather than strategy. You could spend hours researching stats, but if your main quarterback goes out in week one with a broken hand – you’re studying is screwed.
  8. No commitment issues – there’s an APP!
    It’s so easy! You don’t even have to lug your computer around anymore you savvy smartphone users! With just a few taps of your finger you can switch and swap out your players each week right from your phone and watch all your points accrue on game-days.
  9. You only live once:
    In this beautiful experience we call life, I think it’s important to try as many things as we can at least once. This is your chance to give FF a shot!
  10. You might actually enjoy it 🙂

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