Nike Releases Most Overpriced Shoe Yet: The Lebron X

YIKES! The latest shoe in the Lebron James sneaker line is setting Nike records. With a retail price set at a whooping $315, the Lebron X is the first of its kind to be priced over the $300 mark. Who in their right mind would pay $315 for a Nike gym shoe?!

Bron Bron debuted his new kicks in team USA’s Olympic gold medal game in stylish fashion, and now Nike has announced they can soon be yours too for such a reasonable rate. To make a comparison, some previous styles such as the LeBron 9s sold for $170 – still a pricey amount, but much more manageable.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nike attributes the price hike to rising labor costs in China and an increase in cotton prices. The Lebron X comes with all the latest technology, including the Nike+ system, but it’s tough to imagine what exactly necessitated a $145 price hike. It seems like they’re just testing the waters to see just how far they can go with their “high-end” shoe lines.

For $315, these shoes better transform you into a basketball god, make you jump 10 feet in the air and dunk from the free throw line – otherwise no dice.

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