Prince Fielder takes 2012 Home Run Derby Title

Prince Fielder brought out the big bats – all $214 million worth- Monday night claiming the 2012 Home Run Derby title. He really put on a show thrilling the crowd at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City by hitting several shots into the right-field fountain. The Detroit slugger hit a total of 28 home runs, beat out Toronto’s Jose Bautista in the final round 12-7 and now joins Ken Griffey Jr. as a multiple winner of Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby. Fielder has won a Home Run Derby title in both the American and National (he won his first HR Derby title as a Brewer in 2009) Leagues – not too shabby Mr. Fielder.

Other than his impressive swing and insane strength (two of his homers were estimated to be 476 feet!), the best part of Fielder’s win was his two adorable sons standing proudly by his side with big ol’smiles while he accepted his trophy – little kid afros get me every time!

The 2011 Home Run Derby Champion, Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees, failed to hit a single home run in this year’s contest. Better luck next year big guy.

Tonight is the 2012 All Star Game. Be sure to check out some of our very own White Sox players who will be fighting to secure home field advantage for the American League in the World Series.


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