“Giant Slugger” at the Cell

It looks like a heavenly heart attack waiting to happen.

We’re not talking baseball “sluggers” here. In honor of National Hot Dog and Sausage Month, the Chicago White Sox are introducing a one pound, two-foot-long “Giant Slugger” hot dog on July 4th. Nothing says “independence day” like a jumbo weenie.

Not only are the White Sox introducing the hot dog on the nation’s birthday, but they’re also hosting a hot dog eating contest featuring the “Giant Slugger.” If you think you have what it takes to beat the 19 minute record you should should tweet @WhiteSox using the hashtag #GiantSlugger. The grand prize is legit: four suite tickets, a customized jersey and an autographed baseball. (If you win, please bring me as your date in the suite because they’re awesome).

The Giant Slugger is meant to feed the equivalent of four people and consists of Vienna Beef, topped with nacho cheese, chili, grilled onions, and jalapenos – served in a 22-inch potato bun. White Sox fans can look for the Giant Slugger at the solo hot dog stands near sections 109 and 538.

This massive hot-diggity-dog was created by the same people who brought you the “Boomstick” for the Rangers’ Ballpark in Arlington (coincidence that the White Sox are playing the Rangers on the 4th? I think not).

Happy 4th of July to all and enjoy the “Giant Slugger” White Sox fans!

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