Bye Bye Berto Center

It looks like the Chicago Bulls will be making some moves, and I mean literally, when it comes to their Berto Center practice facility. The Bulls announced Wednesday they will be relocating their practice space to downtown Chicago.

The Berto Center, located in Deerfield, is named after Sheri L. Berto, who was Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf’s long-time assistant and a favorite among everyone in the organization. It has been the Bulls’ hub for team practices, gameday shootarounds and summer workouts since 1992. It also houses the Bulls’ coaching and basketball operations staff offices. However, the facility is 25 miles north of the United Center. You may think 25 miles isn’t too tough of a commute, but in Chicago traffic, 25 miles can take you two hours depending on the day. Trucking it out to Deerfield and back to Chicago for mandatory game-day shoot-arounds isn’t the most convenient, more like BRUTAL.

“We have been happy at the Berto for many years,” said Bulls President and COO Michael Reinsdorf. He went on to say the time has come for the Bulls to take a different strategic business approach and decrease the physical distance between their two main facilities.

The Bulls don’t have a timetable in mind for their move, but they have plenty of shopping options in the city. They plan on selling the Berto Center once they find their ideal facility.

As a commuter, I can’t blame them for wanting to eliminate unnecessary time spent on 90/94.

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