Top Reasons to Tune into the NBA Finals

After months of playoff games, only the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder have survived to compete in the final battle to claim the 2012 NBA Championship title. Heat versus Thunder is very atmospheric. If you’re a diehard Chicago fan, the Thunder and Heat facing-off in the finals may not tickle your fancy, but here are some reasons to tune in:

The OKC Thunder and Miami Heat are one sexy matchup. Easily two of the most athletic teams in the NBA, this series will be an amazing display of basketball. The beasts of the East – Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – are taking on the best of the West – Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. The Heat are looking for redemption after blowing it in the finals last year to the Dallas Mavericks and the Thunder are young and eager to get their hands on the Championship trophy.

The “King” Lebron James. We love to hate “Bron Bron”, but he is the reigning MVP for a reason – he’s got game ladies, on the basketball court of course. Even if he makes your blood boil, it’s worth tuning in to cheer on the Thunder and keep King James from getting his paws on a Championship ring.

Kevin Durant’s Seamless Swagger. Durant is playing for his first NBA title at age 23 and just makes the game look so easy. If you’ve ever heard anything about fantasy basketball, you know Durant is a hot commodity because he is the top scorer in the NBA. The Durant-James matchup is perfection in the eyes of any basketball fan. Let the best player win.

The Bearded Warrior. James Harden has quite possibly the most impressive beard the NBA has ever seen. It doesn’t hurt that this sweet-shooting lefty can score some serious points from downtown or take it straight to the hoop. The Miami Heat should fear the beard because Harden could easily be the difference maker in this star studded matchup.

Fashion Forward Showdown. The duo of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade push the fashion limits in the East, but Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are demonstrating their fashion swagger in the West. Prepare yourself for some crazy fake-frames, some outrageously bright colors, and possibly something better than a Teddy Bear button up from Westbrook. If nothing else, you could be thoroughly entertained by the pre and post game ensembles.

What else is on TV? Other than the bachelorette on Monday nights, the summer TV lineup is a little lame, so why not watch some insanely ripped men run around the basketball court? If you’re a sports junkie, it’s still the best option since the LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup, baseball is too early to invest in just yet and football doesn’t start for a few more months.

What’s next: The madness deemed the NBA finals! Check out the schedule below, this isn’t basketball you’ll want to miss!

2012 NBA Finals Series Schedule (courtesy of

Game 1 – In OKC – Tuesday, June 12, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

Game 2 – In OKC -Thursday, June 14, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

Game 3 – In Miami – Sunday, June 17, 7:00 PM CT, ABC

Game 4 – In Miami – Tuesday, June 19, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

*Game 5 – In Miami – Thursday, June 21, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

*Game 6 – In OKC – Sunday, June 24, 7:00 PM CT, ABC

*Game 7 – In OKC – Tuesday, June 26, 8:00 PM CT, ABC

*if necessary

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