The NBA Playoffs Are Bringing Out All the NBA Divas

What’s been more captivating during the 2012 NBA playoffs: the fashion on display during press conferences or the actual play on the court? At this point, the answer may be a tough one! The NBA hotshots are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to pushing the limits and taking some serious fashion risks. I do appreciate a man with confidence in his fashion sense, but it may be time to call the fashion police on some of these gentlemen.

Westbrook (left) and Durant (right) show off their swagger in Game 5

The biggest fashion statements have been made in the Western Conference by two of the OKC Thunder’s star players. Who are the two fashion divas you ask? Point guard Russell Westbrook and All-Star forward Kevin Durant. These two have gotten real sassy for the cameras off the court. Durant has been a fashion forward athlete throughout his career and his beige-and-black stripes are fine and dandy, but Westbrook looks like he may have gotten caught in a kaleidoscope.

Westbrook’s Teddy-rific Ensemble

The talented and often criticized point gaurd has been on another fashion level this post season and his game-day outfits have become the talk of the NBA playoffs. I think the collared shirt above was taken out of the Berenstain Bears collection circa 1990. Not too sure the teddy bear button-up would be perceived as intimidating by his competitors? Below are some more outrageous patterns Westbrook has donned in front of the press: fishing bait, graffiti and technicolor scary .


Westbrook’s flare has been rubbing off on the younger fans too. Kendrick Perkins Jr. has been dressing like Russell Westbrook during the OKC Thunder games.

Durant and Westbrook have kept people buzzing in the West, but the East has its own fashion enthusiasts. The Miami Heat’s “dynamic duo” Lebron James and Dwyane Wade always dress to impress. The Celtic’s point guard Rajon Rondo, who has been an animal in the Eastern Conference finals, has been taking some crazy fashion leaps as well – sometimes he hits his mark and sometimes he’s way off (see photo at the top of the post…YIKES).

If you’ve found yourself watching the NBA conference finals with the men in your life even though the Bulls are long gone, at least the pre and post game fashions can keep you entertained. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the NBA finals.

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