The Humber Games

On Saturday, White Sox pitcher Philip Humber accomplished something only 20 other pitchers have ever done in the history of the MLB (making him the 21st), he threw a perfect game against the Seattle Mariners. He pitched all nine innings, not one runner advanced to first, not one walk, not one home run, he was perfect. It’s not every day you get to use the word “perfect” to describe any    sport, let alone baseball.

Here’s how it went down. The count was 3-2 against Mariners’ Brendan Ryan, he swung at Humber’s breaking ball, it was a bit of a wild pitch getting away from the batter’s box, but A.J. Pierzynski looking quick and agile, pounced on the ball and easily threw Ryan out at first (hopefully Humber bought Pierzynski a drink or two to thank him for the sweet play). Humber was then mobbed by his teammates on the field in a celebratory dog pile.

Humber threw 97 pitches to retire all 27 batters. Although he threw a perfect game, he was so incredibly humble, “I don’t know that I dominated them. Obviously the ball was hit at people. I’m thankful for that. It was a well-pitched game. Definitely something I’ll never forget.” He even thanked his wife and little girl on air; too precious.

There were two things missing from Saturday’s success. Being on the road for such a remarkable task is never as great as being on your own home field, however, the Mariners fans gave Humber a standing ovation when he closed out the game (well deserved buddy). Also, for whatever reason, the game was televised on FOX and Sox fans didn’t get to hear Hawk Harrelson’s voice. Hawk IS the voice of White Sox baseball; he would have made the moment so much better.

It was the third perfect game in White Sox history Saturday afternoon. Humber joins Charlie Robertson (1922) and Mark Buehrle (2009) as a White Sox legend. Not too shabby, only 21 pitchers have ever accomplished a perfect game, and 3 of them have been in White Sox uniforms.

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