Genealogy of Chris Bosh

If you take a little Snoop Dogg:

And mix it with a touch of Velociraptor:

You get Miami Heat’s power forward Chris Bosh:

Tonight the Bulls host the Miami Heat at home. This will be the third time these Eastern Conference powerhouses meet this season, and we’re all squared up (Maimi won at home and the Bulls won at home), it’s a best of three situation tonight. We all expect big performances out of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, but in Bulls-Heat match-ups one of the most essential players has been Chris Bosh. Containing Bosh is a key element in tonight’s game for the Bulls. In January Bosh had 24 points in the Miami win, but in March when the Bulls won, Bosh had a quiet game with only 12 points. We’re counting on you Carlos Boozer – shut down the Snoop Dogg-Velociraptor – please and thank you.

I really need to invest in one of those “Beat the Heat” t-shirts.

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